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"Deliver us unto each other, I pray"

[Listing all these positive things yesterday, I felt like phin doing the 8 happy things each day for 8 days meme -- yes I know most people's version of that meme is 1 happy per day.]

This morning I had Best-Hire-in-law joy.  Leaving the house, looking off to the east, there was a lovely sunrise (though it was ~20min before the "official" sunrise of 7:10am).
I don't actually know much of "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" by heart, so I was singing Doxologies -- and it occurred to me that in Loving Jesus, Mark Allan Powell talks about the four different kinds of prayer [p. 160-161] and we (Karl and CHPC-Mike and I) talked about how that worshipful adoration thing is something we don't do a lot of.

There was almost no traffic -- which is very unusual.  The gym tvs had live video of the MassPike -- busiest road they could find and still not looking like "rush hour."  Everyone seemed very committed to avoiding a redux of last year.

Joy's back from Iceland!  We caught up some, and I said we should grab coffee sometime, and she actually g-drafted an email to me :)
So I was like 10 minutes late getting in to the office.  On my desk were: A Living Tree from Kathleen (note: "Thanks for all you do"), some chocolates from Kate, and some cookies from Sara.

Laura Ruth asked me last night if I was on the email list (in the context of discussing the impending storm and possible cancelations) and I said no but I probably should be, so I emailed her this morning to remind her to add me and yay she did and so I am.

(Despite what I said yesterday about getting rides home from CAUMC, I took the bus home from Davis today -- because I'd gotten groceries at Shaw's and my purse and gym bag kept falling off my non-existent shoulders or whatever and it was really awkward and uncomfortable.  I need to get a messenger bag system back.  I read more of Diana Butler Bass' Christianity for the Rest of Us: How the Neighborhood Church Is Transforming the Faith, though, so that was good.)

I always forget that Secret Slasha doesn't have a word count minimum.  Which is dangerous in its own way.

Accomplished today: picked up groceries, made pasta for dinner, did a load of dishes, did a small load of laundry (I was concerned I wouldn't have any time the next few days, and I need clean gym clothes for Monday), finished and submitted really lame Secret Slasha fic.

Things I am looking forward to tomorrow:
+ Sleeping in!
+ Lunch with Terry (though I'm like holding my breath thinking the weather will interfere or something).
+ The Back Bay Chorale's "An 18th-Century Christmas."


[gym] 45min on treadmill (4.0mph, 1.0 incline)
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