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Yes, I've totally been drafting this entry all year.

(But who posts early?  I first saw an end-of-year meme on Dec. 21 -- Dec. 22 the poster's time, but still.  People kept posting that survey that asks stuff like, "Did anyone close to you die this year?" and Ari and I are like, "The year is not over yet!  You can't answer that question yet!"  I'm posting this now because I'm meeting the bff in a couple hours, and we'll be spending approximately 24 hours together, so I'm not likely to be online again before the New Year -- except of course for the referencing which will inevitably come up during our conversations.)

My mother once referred to 2006 as the year I was "launched."  As 2007 drew to a close, I deemed 2007 the year I "settled" (as in, the year I settled into my post-college adult life).

Early in 2008, I deemed 2008 the year I "grew up."  ("Growing up" is, of course, a constant work in progress, and this year reminded me how foolish it is to make such declarations.  That thing about wisdom being knowing how much you don't know?  Yeah, I think maturity works much the same way -- realizing how far you have to go is a sign of maturity.)

The (first six months of the) year ended up containing a lot more painful maturing than I'd at first anticipated.  I learned a lot about who I am, about how to be in relationship, and about patience.  I am also immensely grateful for mjules' presence in my life, as she was one of the best people I could have had during that ongoing drama -- and we turned out to be really good friends even beyond that.

In other news:
* My gen bff moved halfway across the country.
* I went on a date for the first time (a Bad date, but whatever).
* I flew mjules up to visit -- which was really nice except for the parts that weren't (none of which were her fault).
* A high school friend came up for St. Patrick's Day weekend (yeah, March was my month of hostessing).
* I flew to California to visit my brother (San Diego and Los Angeles).
* I moved into a new apartment -- which was a way huger process than I had anticipated.  This time I'm living with a friend of a friend, and her cat, and free in-building washer/dryer.
* I traveled to Italy (Venice and Rome) with my brother.
* I got my wallet stolen.
* I successfully gave blood for the first time.  (And a second time.)
* I got to be the lead FA on "Recruiting" in my Unit -- and am going to the AEA/ASSA conference in SF this coming weekend because of that.  It gave me an opportunity to be, as my primary boss put it, "proactive and take a leadership role" -- though I'd forgotten how much work it involves, and definitely dropped the ball on more than one occasion.  Plus, drama.  Sigh.  But I'm a control-freak, so I was still glad to be the lead FA.  And Best Hire Ever was on the committee, which basically made up for anything.
* I went to the gym every single workday save 3.  (And near the middle of the year I started upping my routine.)
* I upped my church involvement to 4.
* I made a Days of Awe post for the first time.
* I got put on a church committee for the first time [scroll down here] though it won't go into effect until the New Year.
* I was also put on the lovewideopen board in two positions (advisory & finance).  Relatedly:
from an August 31 email from JoeF re: Singspiration: "We'll be starting our 11th season with the whole team ready to go: [...] Mike ushering, with Elyse & Elizabeth!"
me to my mom: So I'm officially on staff, huh? :)
my mom: Show up twice and you're a tradition :)
* I started thinking about doing mediation work.
* I feel like L. should also get mentioned here (moral support! Thanksgiving visit!), and also Terry getting injured in January and the escalating drama in his life.

Travel plans for 2009:
* San Francisco for work (Jan. 2-5)
* muskratjamboree (Apr. 3-4; Boston, MA) rooming with jadelennox, marginaliana, fox1013
* writercon (Jul 30 - Aug. 2; Minneapolis, MN) rooming with itsabigrock and others
* RMN Convo (Sep. 4-7; the YMCA of the Rockies at Estes Park, Colorado)
* Possibly going up to FUH's island house in Maine?  (We have failed to make this happen for two summers/autumns running.)

I'm really hesitant around ideas of "What would you do differently if you could go back and do-over?" (I wouldn't be the person I am now if I hadn't had those experiences and the experiential learning that comes with that), but Monday evening I was thinking, "What advice would I give my January-self?" (er, my January-2008 self) and what it came down to was: "Ask for what you want" -- which maps onto lots of things.  Ask to give someone a hug.  Ask for a clarifying conversation.  Ask that interesting new person for their contact info.  Etc.
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