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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

SF (pre-departure)

I've been checking my work email approximately once a day over the break.

While Ari was getting her stuff together before we headed out this morning, I checked my work email -- I almost didn't 'cause I didn't want our parting to be colored by me being all cranky (yesterday I'd had a number of emails requiring I do an assortment of work, which was really inconvenient timing).

There was an email from Ian from yesterday afternoon, titled "please read: final AEA logistics," and for a split-second I thought, "What is there still left for me to do?" but it was an email to everyone going to SF with a sort of refresher summary of need-to-know for the weekend.

From the email:
SA Elizabeth will be in San Francisco.  (SA stands for "Super Assistant," if you didn't know.)
I literally felt like some of the weight of all this had been lifted off of me.

I emailed him back: "You make me feel so much better about doing all this work.  Seriously, I mean it."

I'm now back to worrying that the binders we sent won't have arrived, that I won't be able to figure out how to connect to the hotel wireless, that something will go wrong with the catering, etc., but it was a nice feeling at the time.


flight plan:

Fri. Jan. 2: United 177 [11:20 am - 3:03 pm] BOS-SFO
Mon. Jan. 5: American Airlines 194 [1:35 pm - 10:00 pm] SFO-BOS

Staying at the Hotel Nikko.  I'll have my cell and a loaner laptop, so I should be reachable.
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