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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Walking home from CWM around 8pm tonight, I thought: (1) I am physically tired. (2) I don't wanna do my discussion board response for class.  The Discussion Board questions are much better than last week's, but I still didn't wanna do them.

I took this class because I'm interested in interfaith/ecumenical issues and in dialogue, but it feels so like an intro class, and I don't wanna regurgitate information.  Thinking about the papers we're going to have to write, I'm not interested in doing research.

I am interested in conversations about theology and liturgy.  At lunch today after Bible Study, Althea asked me how I had the energy to do so much church.  My immediate response is that doing church energizes me.  I keep saying recently that I want to talk about what we (say we) believe and why and how we embody that.  I say this with a passionate desire to have these conversations, and a passionate engagement when I am having these conversations.

I'm glad to be finding where my passions are, even if I don't know how I would turn it into an actual job where I ever to decide to leave my current job (though hey, one step at a time ... it's not like I'm in a rush).  And I'm mostly looking forward to the remainder of my class, which is good (two weeks on Buddhist ethics, then two weeks on Judaism, two weeks on Christianity -- Marcus Borg and John Paul II; plus the prof's chapters on Incarnation, Spirit, and Prayer -- and two weeks on modern Islam).

(And yes, I posted my Discussion Board response about a half an hour ago.  And I actually think it's reasonably good -- though not necessarily A-level -- unlike last week's, which I thought I did a horrid halfway job of, though the TA emailed us later saying she thought we'd all done "a wonderful job")
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