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txt msg from Scott: "10 Minute goodbye for the win :-D"

What with Scott's phone call and everything, I was still up at about quarter of midnight.  I considered staying up to officially ring in the new year, but what was I gonna do?  My housemate was out at a party and I didn't have any particular interest in watching the ball drop or anything.  I decided that heading towards sleep and praying for people I love was a much better way for me to ring in the new year.

(Sidenote: It was occurring to me earlier today that I should really say "Gregorian New Year" rather than "secular new year" since there are things like Chinese New Year, which are not religiously based but which still use a different calendar than Jan.1-Dec.31.  Gold star to FWD for awareness.)

I woke up around 9 this morning and then around 10 and finally pulled myself out of bed around 11.  After I'd taken a shower and etc., I texted Ari saying, "I'm up if you wanna chat during your layover but no worries if not."

She called me shortly thereafter: "I started vibrating as I was walking off the plane."

Clearly I still have psychic best friend powers :)

(She, in turn, called me immediately after Scott and I had hung up this evening.)

She told me the story of a voicemail her dad's friend had left him.  "Is he your best friend?  Because it makes a better story if he's your best friend -- 'My dad's best friend left him a sermon on his voicemail on Christmas.  And people wonder where Elizabeth and I get it from.'"
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