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Email from Tiffany:

I want to invite you to a leadership farewell dinner this Tuesday at 6:30 PM at Diva. I wanted to say goodbye to the core leaders of the congregation in a special way and hope you will be able to join us.

And, yes, we can still get coffee again at Mr. Crepe, next week. I should have mentioned it to you when we met, but the date was still TBD at that point.



In a reply to something I'd said in a conversation about Universal Queer Experience [locked, for my reference], mosca said:
I think your perspective - feeling alienated from mythical UQE but also feeling kinship with other queers - is really common. You do have a queer-informed perspective (I mean, I know you and have talked to you, and you do) and it's real and individual, and it's valid despite its failure to follow the official UQE script.
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