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Almost Perfect (Brian Katcher, 2009) [2010-02-15]


I added this to my GoodReads after reading Lee Wind's review. Then mjules read it, and had comments which reminded me of Ari's complaints about Luna. So I was pleasantly surprised by the protagonist's reactions overall. (Also, I really liked that he almost always referred to Sage as "she," even when he was first feeling all, "Ugh, Sage is really a guy." He has only ever known Sage as "she," so that response makes perfect sense -- see also my comments on Luna.)

Jules makes a good point about the fact that this might be difficult to read as a trans person, though -- it didn't occur to me in reading it (hi, I am cisgendered) but which on reflection, yeah. However, I was really pleased that the reactions to Sage's revelation were varied and plausible. Yes, I didn't like Logan's initial, "OMG, I kissed a guy; this means I am/will be thought of as gay," but it was realistic.

And Sage's cold shoulder vs. letting Logan back into her life/reaching out to him rang really really true to me throughout.
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