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Over lunch today, I got to catch up with Nicole a bit, which was unexpected and lovely.  I said I've been busy with church stuff (she was kinda like, "duh") and I started to tell the story of preaching last Wednesday, and I started it with relevant background info of Outreach Minister, two-year term ending, and Nicole jumped ahead to, "So are you applying for the position?"
me: "No-- I-- No-- They're not even sure they're going to be renewing the position, and-- no-- I-- no--."

At the end of the day, I had a Scott.  I told him that I'm gonna be preaching in two weeks.  (Yeah, I was gonna facebook event/evite tonight, but I think that's gonna be deferred until tomorrow so I can get to bed.)  And I told him about preaching last Wednesday -- 'cause I didn't get to when we hung out on Friday.  Somewhere in the conversation, Scott said something like, "When you decide to do this for real, it's gonna be awesome."  I double flipped him off -- and then told him about my conversation with Nicole.  He told me about the reference letter he's going to write for me when I apply to seminary -- and I told him that if I'm ever having a really miserable low self-esteem period I'm going to call him up and demand that he write me that letter ... 'cause yeah, boy thinks I am brilliant.

I am dissatisfied with my Easter 2C sermon, but I feel okay enough about it to post it and move on.  (And as I was writing this post, Ava left a nice comment on the facebook post of it, so that's nice.  And I do think there's good stuff in the sermon, I just think it needs more work.)  And I'm excited about putting together an Easter 4C sermon thanks to a wealth of ideas from cadenzamuse :)  Laura Ruth told me that she drew on my last Wednesday's Reflection for her Easter 2C sermon -- "And Still I Rise: A Question of Resurrection" -- and isn't community grand, and I thought of that when I was thanking Denzi for all of her ideas.
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