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"Shepherd me, O God, beyond my wants, beyond my fears, from death into life."

I wanted to wait to post my sermon until I could make an accompanying post debriefing the whole experience, but I didn't get home until ~11:30 last night, and today was quasi-hectic, and I told facebook that I would post it today...

Short version: I had the same partial draft of a sermon from sometime Wednesday through Sunday morning, so I was an occasional stressball.  But Sunday afternoon I sliced out lots of stuff I was really fond of but that just wasn't fitting, and I had a presentable text with time to spare before service.  Actually preaching?  I was (as expected) v v nervous, but in the sunlit room I also felt the Holy Spirit moving (which is not something I usually say) -- the experience was greater than the words I'd input on my computer screen.
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