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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

what I did with my holiday weekend (cleaning, mostly)

Apparently my response to my housemate going out of town is to clean.  (Though my bedroom is still a cluttered mess.)

I cleaned (out) our freezer; cleaned the microwave, the dishdrainer, and the kitchen counter; made some efforts at cleaning the stovetop; cleaned the fridge a little; wiped down the counters in the bathroom; swept the floors a bit (not utilizing the broom+dustpan I bought this weekend), cleaned the dining room table a bit (that mostly because I wanted to use the table to draw on), emptied the toaster oven tray.  Nothing is spotless, but it's significantly shinier.  Oh, and at one point a big multi-legged insect showed up in the kitchen sink and I killed it.

I did the handwash laundry that's been sitting around for ever (utilizing the drying rack I bought this weekend), as well as the usual laundry (plus bedsheets) and dishes.

I bought groceries and etc., including some art supplies because I have become that person.

I bought a long dark-blue denim skirt with pockets (from Orvis, on sale for $45 from $60) which I have worn 3 days in a row and so will probably purchase more of.  I got a couple of pairs of black flats at Payless, which sufficiently alleviates my shoe dearthh for the time being.  (And I got a recommendation from Cate as to where to obtain dress socks, which was good since mine are wearing out.)  I found Lee jeans that fit really well -- except they were skinny stretch jeans, so I now have to search the Sears website to find jeans I actually want to wear in that size.  I haven't worn a bra since Friday and am pleased to not miss it at all (though yes I'll go back to being normative when I'm wearing a button-down shirt at work tomorrow).

I got my digital camera back from Missy and went back to ANTS to get my now-dry artwork.  (My computer has problems communicating with my digital camera, so photo uploads will be forthcoming tomorrow when I have my work computer.)

Cate and I saw ASP's Timon of Athens.

I bought a book on Reflexology for $4 at TJMaxx (Ari, I felt like you).

I walked outside every single day, and I socialized-in-meatspace every single day.

Oh, and what with everything else going on, I completely forgot to lift up in prayer at church(es) yesterday that Laura Ruth begins as Hope Central's pastor tomorrow.

Oh, and I remembered at one point today that I agreed to give the Reflection at Rest and Bread for one week from this Wednesday.
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