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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I am officially on vacation!

I got Dunkin' Donuts for lunch today (two egg white egg-and-cheese on an English muffin) 'cause I was really not feeling the salad bar &etc. at Spangler.  I sat outside while I ate, which was nice.

I always have that vague feeling that things are going to fall apart in my absence, but I think I left things well taken care of.

I bought my "thank you for hosting us" gift for my future-sister-in-law.

Rest and Bread was the usual.  And I got to chat with Tara a bit before service.

After Rest and Bread, I "led" small group.  It was in fact just Al&Macha and Jenny.  Harold's entire group failed to show, so he joined our group.  Solidarity \o/

The weather is not gross!  I am very pleased by this.

Ari and I spent much of yesterday nailing down plans for my impending visit (one social event each day!), and continued today.  I still have to actually pack, but my flight's not until tomorrow evening :)

It is sad that I am leaving town with so [not really transportable] many chocolate etc. leftovers from our birthday party :/

Tomorrow I am still getting up at 5:30am to go to morning prayer because I am That Person.

The Friday I am back I am going on lunchtime harbor cruise with my coworkers (because I am a more generous person than Jessie).

And then I am going to the Transcending Boundaries informational meeting at CWM.  (I was I totes gonna make a facebook event -- 'cause while I assume Samuel will send out the weekly announcements eventually, I am that kind of helpful -- but, duh, they have a freaking social media team, so they are already on facebook, so I RSVPed to the event there -- and then invited the people I would have invited; I kept almost clicking people and then remembering that while the conference is arguably Relevant to Their Interests, they are not local.)
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