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soliciting the flist

(1) Okay, so most religious traditions seem to support organ donation as a selfless thing. Where do I find the precedents about the "okayness" of adding in a monetary component (see: Al Roth's work on markets for kidneys)? There's some in the "Compensating Organ Donors" section of "Repugnance as a Constraint on Markets" [link = PDF], but I'm curious about other denominations...

(2) Christian sci-fi books for teens? How did I not know this genre existed? (I still don't know any actual titles/authors, but I'm really curious to.)

(c) I learned today that there are at least 2 novels based on the biblical book of Hosea* (both of which rename "Gomer" as "Angel/a"!). I remain uninterested in either. (So yeah, this is not so much a solicitation as a thematic note.)
*Francine Rivers' Redeeming Love and Dorothy Clark's Hosea's Bride
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