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Art Night 8

I almost didn't do any art at Art Night last night -- the piece I had in mind wasn't feasible with the available materials (and I wasn't so attached to the idea anymore now that I was feeling better), so I opted to just sit down eat my burrito (it was ~7:30pm). People joked about performance art, and then when I actually started to eat, Stephen(sp?) was like, "Good first bite. Well done."

After I was done eating, I decided to make art after all, so I pulled out a bunch of boxes of pastels (I used mostly oil, though some chalk) -- I meant to pull out some colored pencils, too, but didn't end up using them. You can view it in the gallery [page 2] or in this entry.

[August 12, 2010] (Art Night 8.1)
[August 12, 2010] (Art Night 8.1)
playing with pastels

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