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what I did with my stress Sunday afternoon

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art at home 2.1 [August 15, 2010] art at home 2.1 [August 15, 2010]
I had intended to make the ovals mostly solid-colored, possibly with some designs, but that didn't want to happen. I don't know where the corner designs came from.
art at home 2.2 [August 15, 2010] art at home 2.2 [August 15, 2010]
art at home 2.3 [August 15, 2010] art at home 2.3 [August 15, 2010]
Having done the previous piece, I decided I wanted to do one with a black skeleton frame -- except I kept drawing black lines. Apparently I was more stressed than I realized? I thought of how at Art Night I frequently have dark pieces in mind and they come out bright. Possibly some of it is that home is a safer space? (Because it's not public, etc.) Housemate came in after I'd done the yellow bit -- at which point I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next, so I opted to talk to her while she colored.


In other news, the Jesus and the Gospels class I want to take (Jeff V. says the prof is emeritus, which explains its lack of being offered) is on Thursday nights -- which means no Art Night this semester. Sigh.
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