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in other news

Therp last week gave me a list of 4 therps she thought might be a better fit for me (per my request). I called the top of the list one on Saturday, and she called me back today. She reminded me that because she's traveling a lot, she couldn't begin seeing me regularly until mid-February. Current-therp had in fact told me this -- though I had forgotten -- and we scheduled a consult anyway (in like a month, because she is that busy/traveling). Part of me wants to call the other people on the list (for ~consults) and part of me wants to quit therapy. I recognize that this is largely because I was totally not feeling the vibe from potential-new-therp. (I go back and forth about whether therapy is a useful/the most useful place in which to do the work I want to do, and mostly I feel like it is, but blah the process is discouraging sometimes.)
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