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re/New-ing Rest & Bread (?)

This is particularly ... ironic? ... given that I'd been wondering recently, "What will happen with Rest and Bread when/if Keith leaves next year?" [He's a PhD on the job market this year.]
From: Keith
To: Elizabeth
Sent: Sun, November 28, 2010 5:38:41 PM
Subject: Thinking about Rest & Bread and re/New


I was talking a bit with Jeff Von Wald the other night about church
structure, staffing, and how a lot of people (congregants and leaders)
seemed spread somewhat thin. Our attendance at Rest & Bread last week
was great, but has been generally low this fall. Similarly, re/new's
attendance has fallen a bit since its start.

One thing we wanted to think further about was whether combining
energy made sense: to take some of the practices of re/new and work
them into rest & bread, and perhaps hold re/New less frequently. If
we did combine energy, I think we'd want to move to a more team-based
model of service leadership-- as in, maybe people could sign up to
lead a week, etc-- just speculating. I'd imagine that we'd be joined
by Tara, Jeff, Julie, and a few other folks from re/New in terms of
planning. To me, the idea seems exciting: I think we do a nice thing
at rest and bread, and I think it'd be nice to share it with more
people, and it'd be nice to incorporate some of the re/new elements
that seem to speak to other people (and myself).

I wonder what your thoughts are? Hopes or worries?

We can talk more, and I think the deacons & pastors will also be
talking a bit about this.

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