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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

i can has snow

When I saw snow in the online weather forecast the other day, I got all stoked. I'm weird, I know. What's actually on the ground is just a dusting, and it doesn't seem like much more will be coming [edit: though I did get to walk through falling snow on my way to a 3:00; and again ~4:30] -- which is fine. I think I'm honestly indifferent; the seesaw of March feels like just par for the course.

[Edit: woman after my own heart: "We just got another 4-8 inches of snow in Minneapolis today. Last I heard, this was the 8th snowiest winter of all time; I'm hoping we can creep higher on that list!"]


Leaving the gym this morning, one of the other women I see all the time (Erin of Erin and Sarah who work in Teele, apparently) asked me, "How long have you been running?" Which totally threw me since I don't actually think of myself as someone-who-runs (even though yeah, I do treadmill 3 days/wk and have for months). She said (in an approving/impressed tone) that she's noticed that I've been increasing my time. I would be creeped out by the stalkeriness of this if I weren't also someone who tends to be really attentive to her surroundings :)
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