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hey, navel-gazing was fruitful

In all my (our) busyness I've fallen out of touch with lots of people, but I've been aware recently that even when I do re/connect with people, I don't have a lot to say about what I've been doing -- because I've basically been sort of rolling along at work and church and that's about it.

And okay, partly I tend not to like lots of activities (or people), but I feel like I'm in a detached/spinning my wheels kind of place which I'm currently feeling unsatisfied with.


I want to work on The Book We're Not Writing ["What the Christian tradition has to offer people dealing with severe (chronic) depression"], but every time I open that document I have no idea what to do. I think I need to force myself to spend X amount of time each day just writing -- fleshing out dash-points, writing text around quotations, just writing... Which, yeah, is the first rule of writing Anything -- that you need to just put down words and not get frozen in that feeling of, "I can't think of anything to say -- I don't have anything articulate enough to say -- I don't have a plan for how this will flow -- etc." Sigh. (Ooh, Scrivener allows a 30-day trial -- so I can check out how well I can function it on my netbook ... plus of course just checking out how well it works for me/my process personally.)

I am totally open to anyone who wants to hand-hold, hold me accountable, bounce ideas, whatever.
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