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HIMYM 3.10 "The Yips" [2007-11-26]

This morning, MaryAlice said to me: "Barney trying to hit on Heidi Klum may be enough to make me miss part of Olbermann."  I was impressed.

Having seen the episode, however, it makes me kinda sad that people will see it before having seen "Single Stamina" and "First Time in New York" and will thus not get to experience the beautiful shock of those reveals.  But then I tend to think everything is better experienced spoiler-free.  I'm still deciding how I feel about the two very different emotional reactions we get from Barney about the same virginity-loss experience.

What was up with ragging on Robin?  She really looked fine the whole time.  And yes I was thinking, "If you're tinhatting that Barney and Robin are sleeping together, what's your Unaired Scene for this episode?"

This episode did have lots of funny lines, but I tend to... one might say overthink things, and certainly to take things (over)seriously -- you wonder why I'm not a sitcom person? so it's hard for me to just love this episode.

"Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on CBS, next Tuesday."

P.S. Did Lily's hair get significantly darker between last week's episode and this week's, or is it just more jarring to me 'cause I watched a couple of S2 episodes in between? When I first saw her tonight I was like, "I love wee!goth!Lily, but I kinda liked adult!Lily being a red-head."
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