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(Yesterday's weather forecast said something about a snow-rain mix, but I think we only got rain.)

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In looking at my calendar today, I realized that not only am I seeing my mother and/or Norwood every weekend in December until Christmas, but I have all of 3-5 (weeknight) free evenings [plus 0-2 Saturday evenings] left between now and Christmas.

Via davis_square, I learned about Somerville Arts Council's Illuminations Trolley Tour: Sat. Dec. 15.  It looks really cool, but I am already back-to-back booked that day.  My second engagement of the day (which I may be joining a bit late) may segue into dinner-and-movie, and Hannah had suggested The Golden Compass.  CHPC just did the series in adult ed, so there had been talk about going to see the movie when it came out, and I wasn't into that idea.  When Hannah suggested it, though, I thought, "Okay, maybe I could be amenable."  However, in her next e-mail (extending the movie invitation to some more people) she said "PS if you are unfamiliar with Golden Compass (as I am except I've seen a few ads and it looks pretty)" and I had to step away from the computer for a moment to hyperventilate.  Apparently I haven't relaxed with my Issues as much as I might have thought I had.

(For those of you just joining: While I love tellings and retellings, I hate movies being made out of books.  Books and movies tell stories in different ways, and if the author had wanted to tell the story as a movie they would have written a screenplay, and don't you have talented screenwriters who actually have original ideas that maybe you could make a movie out of?  And because I prioritize the "original," "true" text I get annoyed when people watch the movie and don't know the book.  I especially get bothered with children's and fantasy books because once I've seen images of stuff it's very hard for me to put that out of my head and visualize the narrative another way -- though I've been told that other people don't have this problem.  I was willing to watch the first Harry Potter movie because I'd heard JKR was heavily involved and I had some interest in seeing how she visualized this world she created, but generally if I've read a story I already know I see it and I don't have much interest in spending hours with how someone else visualized it.  Books I have no interest in reading I'm sometimes willing to make the substantially smaller time commitment to watch a movie version, though I feel like I should flat-out refuse on principle.  [Yes, Consistency is another one of my Issues, why do you ask?])

In other news, the CAUMC-CWM outing to Black Nativity got switched from Dec. 7 to Dec. 14, but I'd already bought tickets for me and my mom ('cause we wanted to go but had a previous engagement on the 7th) so we'll be going the same night as my church people after all but not sitting with them.
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