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elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:25min
2mi @ 23:16min
2.55mi @ 30min


via friendsfriends I saw http://speedtest.10-fast-fingers.com/

I did it a bunch of times and my average seems to be about ~480 characters per minute, with 80+ correct words and <10 wrong words.  [Amusingly, the previous day I had been typing an e-mail while MaryAlice waited at my desk to go to lunch, and she said my fingers just flew over the keyboard.  I laughed and said my mom typed way faster than I do.  I can type fairly quickly -- and also fairly accurately -- but my mom can type at dictation speed.]
I was totally noticing that I use my right (dominant) hand like 3/4 of the keyboard.  And also that I would glance down at the keyboard even though I don't think I actually registered any of what I saw.  Though sometimes I did look, because apparently I do have muscle memory, but I couldn't actually tell you where any of the keys are, so if I get too off I have to visually re-set, 'cause I can't (or don't trust myself, possibly) reset via blind muscle memory.


rachelmanija has been posting a multi-part essay on PTSD. It incluies the admonition to "NEVER EVER hug a stranger from behind," which I have a bad habit of doing. I mean, not that I go around giving surprise hugs to complete strangers, but I'll hug people I know from behind, not announcing my presence/intentions beforehand, which I should be better about not doing unless I know the person's okay with it.


via musesfool:
Quote from Kripke, via Ausiello:

Question: [...] Tell me if Supernatural ever plans on exploring the good side of the supernatural world. You know, guardian angels, the spear of destiny, stuff like that.— Jeff

Ausiello: [...] Here's your answer, courtesy of Supernatural creator Eric Kripke: "We have a firm belief in the cosmology of this show that evil, in terms of demons, etc, is very tangible and real and out there. Angels and supernatural forces of good are much more elusive. But in my opinion — and the opinion of the writers — if God is out there, he isn't sending angels to fight the battles; he's working through a very human, sweaty, outgunned and overwhelmed group of hunters. For us, these are the angels. I think the point that's very important to us to make is that the forces of good work through humans who are flawed and imperfect and trying to make the right decisions. And that's the way God works. So we try to present that."


gym: weight room: 15-20min

Wow, I went to direct a visitor somewhere and I totally fail at Left and Right.  I gestured left and said Right and then gestured right and said Left -- and then as he was walking away I realized my error.

Nicole visited Tuck yesterday, and she said while it's in the middle of nowhere it has a lot of great stuff.  She said the staff-faculty-students have a jovial, cordial relationship, "you wouldn't even recognize it."  Is somewhat comforting to know it's an HBS thing not a b-school thing across the board :)  Though later I thought I should have asked her if the students there stood in doorways, especially in the cafeteria ;)

After work, I was in the mood for a fruit smoothie, and the day's special was banana-pineapple-persimmon.  It was tasty.


elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:36min
2mi @ 23:29min
2.52mi @ 30min

I didn't bother putting my jacket on when I walked from the gym to my building.  Greg saw me and said: "You must be coming from the gym.  Otherwise you are one cold camper."

Katie and I walked to the T together, but despite her having moved 6 weeks ago, we still haven't taken the Red Line home yet (she was going home today, but I was going downtown).  She's gone to the gym all 5 mornings this week, which is largely my influence.  (She had a gym membership elsewhere before, but went after work and definitely not every day.)

My mom said that her mention of the Black Nativity inspired her boss to get tickets for his family.

I'm not used to being inspiring :)
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