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[CAUMC] Forgiveness [2007-11-29]

E-mail from Trelawney:
Tonight: Forgiveness - i heard this cool sermon in lebanon all about forgiveness. i finally got a copy of it. it's something we've wrestled with a lot in our group, and i thought this preacher did a good job outlining it in ways some of us will find useful in our lives. so that will be small group. Eric will put on supper and i'll join you a little late b/c of a lecture i need to attend by my adviser at harvard.
[I've misplaced her handout, so I'll have to finish this writeup another time.]


I was tired, so I didn't really say much (another reason I've gotta start getting enough sleep regularly, f'r serious), so I thought it would be really hard for people to come up with Affirmations for me, but I actually got a really nice round.

+ At the beginning of dinner, Eric was debating what seasoning to put on the green beans, and I snagged some for.  Michelle said, "Yes, green beans are generally better left alone."  I said, "Of course, I think most food is better left alone," and in Affirmations she brought this up, said stuff like that is part of what she loves about me :)
+ Trelawney Affirmed my positive demeanor, said we don't get to talk much but whenever we do, she always comes away from our interactions feeling positive.  I said I suspected this was a function more of her than of me, but I accepted the Affirmation.  Jess said she agreed with Trelawney about my positive demeanor.
+ Jess also Affirmed my ability to tell stories -- that she tends to tell stories very briefly and not very interestingly, so she's impressed when people can tell stories well.  Jenny echoed this.
+ Eric Affirmed my listening and being present -- and also that I retain things, that he'll often listen and be present but then he goes on to listen and be present in the next moment and forget what the person had just said.


Before dinner, I was talking about my VCR issues, since I had been on the phone with my brother on my way in, and Jenny was saying she kinda wanted to go check it out.  She did in fact come back to my apartment with me after group (we stayed to help wash dishes first), and she couldn't in fact improve my VCR situation any, but it was nice to have someone over.

[I bought a programmable VCR-DVD player, but its only coaxial cable connector is for output, so I can't have it receive the signal that way, and my TV only has red-white-yellow plug connectors for input, so I can't record anything.  I don't understand why finding programmable VCRS is so hard, and now apparently I also need to find one with a coaxial input -- which a lot of them don't specify; my brother said I should look for if it has a tv tuner, since that's basically what that's used for, but they don't all say.  The manual says I can connect to a cable box, so I need to find out from RCN if their cable boxes have those connectors -- since if they're all coaxial that doesn't help me.  It's tempting to get DVR or something to solve my problem, I'm just not excited about spending very much money on that since I really don't watch much tv.  I'm bummed that I can't tape the Tin Man miniseries, though.]
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