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Senior Banquet

Senior Banquet was last night. I got to be Allison’s “serving wench” and sat with Layna, Jonathan, and Erin. I also did Allison’s prophecy. I went first, which i wasn’t all that thrilled about at the time because i didn’t really know what a prophecy was supposed to be, so i would have liked to see some other ones first to sort of take cues from, but in retrospect i’m glad i went first because so many of the other prophecies were so long, and i wouldn’t have wanted to follow that. Allison didn’t have too much stuff to will, but some of the seniors seemed to be willing away nearly everything they owned. 21 seniors and it took about 2 hours to get through all of the prophecies/willings.

Allison willed me her bubble gun (which needs batteries) and (because she read here that i won’t have one next year) her rug. Haniya (my Big Sister) gave me a stuffed pig which moos (that her Big Sister had given her). And Jessica Jones gave me, because she knows i love to read, a compact reading lamp. Yay. Not many first-years got stuff (since the seniors don’t know us as well, don’t have as much of a history with us, as they do with other people in the house) so it’s actually really cool that i got stuff from 3 seniors.

Later, Rebecca and i played pool downstairs. I had never played before, but before the end of the first round i was addicted. Haniya and Sarita (Rebecca’s Big Sister) had been playing before, so they were both all, “My Little Sister’s gonna kick your Little Sister’s ass,” but then they had to leave. I actually won both rounds because Rebecca hit the black ball into a pocket, but i wasn’t playing all that much worse than she was.
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