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Heroes 2.11 "Powerless" [2007-12-03] Volume Two finale

. . .

I'm not even sure where to begin.

Claire and and the Gen 2.0 White Men have the same idea independently: tell the world about their abilities.  I appreciated that Claire's mother pointed out the danger of her getting turned into some experiment.  (Nice contrast with the preceding scene/s with Elle about her dad -- "No, my girl's tougher than that," Noah says Bob said of seven-year-old Elle.  [Where/who is Elle's mom, btw?]  And yes, Noah was pretty damn badass in those prison scenes. Elle: "I could make you tell me." / Noah: "You could try."  And all proud of his daughter -- "She's being difficult." / "Is she?")  Which, hi, Claire was worried about last year.  I was somewhat annoyed with West, 'cause he was all pissy that Claire was hiding who she is, and now he's all "I like my secrets."  I get liking your secrets and just wanting to share them with a few people, but hi, some respect for her privacy earlier on wouldn't have gone amiss.  Great moment with Claire dropping the Primatech box in slo-mo.  Frustrating that with the return of the patriarch she has her agency taken away, even if I was in agreement that her idea was a bad one (certainly a not-thoroughly-thought-through one).  Noah's line about how all he's ever wanted for them was to have a normal life was touching, though.  He was already wicked fucking clear with Mohinder that you can never trust the Company, but I can see him agreeing to try to keep Claire protected as a stop-gap measure.

The assassin was totally Bennet, right?  We killed Maya, and brought her back, likely killed Niki for good.  (Which means Mohinder won't have to feel guilty about not being able to cure her -- though he sounded like that was the only vial of Claire's blood, which -- leaving aside how stupid that is, and surely they drew more from her -- means the Company's gonna want more and will have to work around its agreement to leave Bennet's family alone.)  Nathan's not really dead, right?  I mean, they did not kill off Adrian Pasdar.  (hackthis' one-line entry about tonight is gonna be "This show is dead to me," isn't it?)  If were are still gonna have Sylar sticking around, we are not killing off Nathan, right?  I know I've been talking about how it feels like the women and people of color are getting disproportionately killed off (though someone has pointed out that the number of white men in major roles in the show is fairly small to begin with), but as I told kurukami after last episode, I don't actually want more people to die (though I still would have been happy if we were done with Sylar after the S1 finale), I want us to get more development of the characters we do have.

Leaving aside the logistics of the casket thing (Hiro would have had to have teleported in there with him, and there had to have been a dead body in there already since it's a fresh grave --  ew, btw -- and caskets are not that spacious), that was harsh!

Still frustrated that Peter never tried to mindread Adam, even when he was asking him if he killed Kaito and telling him what Hiro had said.  And dude, such blind trust to just tell Adam to go get the virus.  Props to Adam for dropping the vial when he realized Hiro was gonna teleport them.  And I was touched a little when he said that he would be the hero of the people who survived the virus.  [When Peter nuclearized the vial, I wasn't sure if it still got released, since we saw the Symbol.  And no mention of the fact that now that future doesn't exist so you can't rescue Caitlin.  I understand that now that he has Nathan back, Caitlin doesn't matter, but it annoys me that she was basically used as a limited plot device.]

I liked Mohinder actually being smart -- "You and I have trust issues, doctor." -- and Maya no longer being under Sylar's thrall.

Elle looking for her own file was cool (interesting that it was empty, did Bob do that after he caught her in the cell with Noah?), as was her checking the video surveillance -- though dude, she couldn't have actually been surprised that Mohinder was on video surveillance, right?  Interesting that earlier we saw him look up, like he knew that and was hoping for rescue due to that.  As soon as Elle said, "Oh Daddy, you're gonna be so proud of me," I was like, "Going alone will only end in badness," predictable.  Interesting that she's still trying to get her dad's approval.  She's practically got frickin' Stockholm Syndrome.

I was a little sad that Adam found Victoria Pratt without Angela/Matt, so Matt found her already dead so he gets no comeuppance for having violated Angela like that.  And Nathan has him manipulate the reporters and such at the police station at the end and it's just a blasé throwaway line -- and I get Nathan's greater good here, and would argue it myself if I were in support of what he's doing (and I do support his enactment of the idea more than I do Claire's plan), but it still disturbs me that it's presented as a value-neutral item.  Sidebar: When Matt was telling Peter to stop Adam, I was uncertain whether he was using his mind control power or not.

Angela Petrelli continues to be appropriately badass.  And I do understand Nathan's resistance.  Matt was an idiot to tell Nathan what Angela had told him telepathically, 'cause hi, she said that to you only because she knows there's no way Nathan would do it.  It's like Giles talking to Buffy about possibly having to kill Dawn to save the world.  So I was kind of impressed with the show that that didn't end up getting turned into a big plot device.  And dude, Nathan's speech to Peter ("You tried to do the right thing.  You always do.")?  When we finally see Peter in that scene, he looks so much younger.  Like he can finally be happy again.

And that's about it.

Not gonna lie, I'm not especially looking forward to Volume Three.  (Especially since its title is "Villains.")

Edit: Forgot to mention:
+ Molly can locate people without a map now?
+ I did like the nice touch of Sylar first using his new-regained powers on a can of spinach.  (Sidebar: It just occurs to me: Now that Sylar knows The Company infected him with the Virus, does that mean that his plotline next season is gonna include working against the Company?)
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