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BtVS 8.9

I didn't know BtVS 8.09 had come out on 12/5 until I saw likeadeuce's belated New Comics Wednesday post.

I got the awesomesauce cover for both me and Vik. The Faith-and-Giles James Bond kitsch or whatever was an interesting idea, but not my cuppa.

No Future for You, Part IV

The Mayor! (Remember my post on 8.8?) I like the fakeout with the narration bubble on the opening page.

Ah the Mayor. "The blood of innocents is a real pain in the neck to wash out of cotton blends."

Love Faith getting pissed at being mistaken for having a New York accent :) Ah, Boston girls.

Love the shot of of Faith landing on Gigi's axe.

Heh, "it's gonna take arts darker than mine to get you to the other side. // Speaking of witch..." [shot of his mobile with Caller ID "Willow mobile"]

It pisses me off that Giles insists on getting their help without telling them what's going on, though I do understand that time is of the essence.

He tells Buffy "I don't want you to be any part of this." She hands the phone to Willow and says, "Do what you can for him."

I wasn't expecting Gigi to die.

Faith calling Roden "Red" was weird 'cause that's what Spike calls Willow.

Love Giles attacking Roden from behind.

And wow. I mean, I get why he did it ("I can break out of any mystic field ever enchanted") but wow, that is hardcore.

And aww/wow, that ending with the two of them, which is framed so 'shippily, especially with the invocation of "your main girl."

"bringing the age of magic to a close" ?! I'm intrigued.
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