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[Weeds] 1.01-1.02

1.01 "You Can't Miss the Bear" [2007-12-18]

I first saw the pilot when I was visiting Jonah at school, but now that we're watching over lunch we started with the pilot ('cause Katie hadn't seen it).

I'm not a fan of the vocals on the theme song ("Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds).

Hi, I kinda wanna chop Celia's head off with a scythe. ("A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend.") Mostly for the scene at the soccer game where she's being so horrid about her own daughter. Calling her elder daughter a "cunt" and saying she wishes she'd had an abortion is pretty intense, too, though.

I appreciate that tv.com recognized both the "linoleum" and "fruit punch" lines as reminiscent of BtVS.

Also: Mary Louise Parker is still hot.

1.02 "Free Goat" [2007-12-20]

In the credits I was like, "Jeffrey Dean Morgan!" When he showed up onscreenn Kyle said it was that guy from Grey's Anatomy, and I said, "And Supernatural, which is what I think of, even though I don't actually watch either show."

I was also like "Indigo!" though I didn't recognize her at all (I never do).

Interesting that when all the women are gossiping about Celia, Nancy's like, "Dudes, shut it."

Quinn got shipped off -- and didn't bother to contact Silas in her day and a half.
Interesting that it's the boy who's all, "We were in love, we had sex, and now zie hasn't called me."

The whole time Shane was up on the roof I was waiting for him to fall and for the camera to break. I was glad they didn't actually destroy the tape.

Doug's a crap CPA. (And generally an idiot, as we know from the previous episode.) I was hoping Nancy would ask the black family for advice or something.

At the bar? I was kinda feeling the Celia and Helen Chin f/f. Tell me that fandom has provided.

The Shield!

When Celia's driving next to Nancy in her low-rider . . . wow she's drunk. Again I kept expecting her to crash her car or something.

LOVE the younger daughter's "Did your hair get shipped to boarding school in Mexico, too?"

Katie recognized Sufan Stevens playing at the end. Good on her.
Tags: tv: weeds, whedon: small world

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