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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Weeds] 1.03 "Good Shit Lollipop" [2008-01-03]

The beginning of this was tough to get through for me. I hate Celia so much. I liked that Dean tried to comfort Isabelle -- even though he was so bad at it. And I really liked that he bitched out Celia when he found out what she had done. And I loved Isabelle's revenge.

The "have you ever had sex with a woman?" bit? The whole episode was worth it just for that.

And the DirtDevil/DareDevil thing was funny. I loved Megan editing the graffiti: "Megan gives good great head." And dude, Silas was such a prick I knew she'd get him somehow but was totally not expecting that. Hee, "my maid thinks I slept with a smurf" (or whatever the exact wording was). And wow, he is still so into her. Oh boys; "thinking with the wrong head" as one of my friends says.

And aww, Shane really did shoot the mountain lion.

Nancy losing out to "the Whole Foods of pot" mostly made me worry for her. I don't really know what Conrad sees in her, but I don't mind that arc, and since they'd invented the pot club thing, they had to come up with some way for her to battle back, and she definitely couldn't have done that on her own. I do like her pulling out the whole databank thing.
Tags: tv: weeds

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