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[Weeds] 1.07 "Higher Education" [2008-01-11]

Okay, possibly the next show we watch at work should not be from Showtime.  (Hallo thar, nudity and sexin'.)

You cannot ship a body through the mail.  (*has flashes of Firefly episode "The Message"*)

Heh, dental records.

Celia's mom: "How would it look [if I didn't come see you]?"
Wow, way to make Celia look like a paragon of goodness.  Obv. we can see where Celia got, well, everything from.  Interesting to hear how she too rebelled against it -- given that she's reenacting that with her own daughter.  I do like that the whole family kind of bonds together against this common enemy.  (I called locking the mom out of the house as soon as she mentioned the power walk.)

Nancy having a new crisis and a new brilliant scheme every single episode gets kinda old.

Oh, and Silas, learn some ASL, dude, seriously.  Whichever ep it was that he was like, "No more typing, let's just talk," I was like, "Lip-reading is hard, man; I know that you want this to be more intimate and everything, but you are placing high demands on her."

We often thought guest stars looked familiar, so I IMDb-ed:
+ Eileen Dodd: played by Clare Carey
+ Sanjay: played by Maulik Pancholy
+ Celia's mom: played by Concetta Tomei

from tv.com:

Doug: I'm here to expand my client base. I stand at the back of the class and I say "as an accountant shouldn't you blah blah blah blah blah?". Confuses the hell out of everyone. Finally all the students, they just give up and that's when I give them my business card. Minimum fourteen clients guaranteed. How genius is that?

Doug: You should take ceramics. Get your fingers in some clay. It's very sensual. It's very Demi Moore.
    This is an allusion to the ceramics scene in the movie Ghost starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.
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