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[CWM] First Sunday After Epiphany [2008-01-13]

Prelude and Silent Meditation
"You are my beloved, with whom I am well pleased." -Matthew 3:17

Call to Worship
[One] Gathered in this sacred space, O Creator Spirit, in the multicolored company of Your Church, we celebrate Your creation and invite Your presence into our midst.  We know, that eternity cannot hold You, nor can our little words describe the breadth of Your faithfulness to us.  Yet in the space of our small heart and in silence, Come close and repair us.


[One] Creator Spirit, bring new life
[All] Where we are worn and tired,
[One] New love
[All] Where we have turned hard-hearted,
[One] Forgiveness
[All] Where we feel hurt and are wounded,
[One] And the joy and freedom of Your holy presence
[All] Where we are prisoners of ourselves.
[One] Creator Spirit,
[All] In the space of our small heart and its silence, Come close that we may dream.

Opening Hymn "Wash, O God, Our Sons and Daughters"
The tune to this felt really familiar, though I couldn't place it.

Children's Time
Gary brought the font (which we often have, for people who want to dip their hands before taking Communion) down onto the floor and gave the girls paper cups with some water and invited them to pour some water into it (as did their dad and he) and then he asked them to show him where the water they had poured in was, which water was theirs.  He said we all bring our own water and mix it all up and that's the church -- which reminds us that God loves us just as we are.

Gospel Lesson Matthew 3:13-17
Sean did the reading and was actually really into, which I was extra-pleased by on the heels of this morning.

Gary was subbing because Tiffany's partner's grandfather is dying.  She had told him he could just do the sermon he did at his own church this morning, but he told us that.  He opened with this corny (his word) thing he got from TextWeek (though I couldn't find it when I looked tonight) on Installing Love.  Then he talked about we are often rejected by people we love (e.g. parents) but "nothing can separate us from that great love" (cf. Paul in *looks it up* Romans 8:35-39).  He talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. and "I am baptized" and dipped his own hand into the font and repeated those words and invited us up to do the same.  Then he talked a bit more and said that each one of us is a child of God and invited us to say that to each other -- "You are a child of God," kind of tweaking our usual Passing of the Peace.

Call to Prayer -- "O God, Remind Us"
Our Prayers

Doxology -- "The Summons" (v. 3)

Gary said we've heard this story so many times before, and we know it was a Passover meal.  He said the Passover was a family meal, so these people were Jesus' family.  (He had talked earlier about making a family of choice.)  He said that they had matzoh, the bread of liberation, and that Jesus picked it up and pointed to his own life.  Speaking of the cup, he said that at the Passover there are 6 cups, and that he likes to think that Jesus picked up the Cup of Elijah when he said those words.

Closing Prayer
Closing Hymn -- "You Are Mine" (Heart.)
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