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[T:TSCC] 1.01 "Pilot" [2008-01-13]

I hadn't realized until I was double-checking airdates on tvguide.com the other day, that the official title of this is actually Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I'm not feeling especially inclined to correct my tag, though.

Also, I clearly have basically never watched FOX in my apartment, 'cause I went to 25 (which is what it is at my parents' house with broadcast).  With my cable, turns out it is Channel 6.  There was Game talk and I worried that I'd feel guilty about bailing on church helping, but it started right on time.

I didn't feel like I was watching High Quality television (Disclaimer: I have seen none of the Terminator movies, so I'm not making any comparison) but I didn't mind.  I said at lunch on Friday that I was basically watching for Summer Glau (though the promo pics I'd seen of Lena Headey were also pretty).  Actually watching the show, I was into Thomas Dekker as well -- though I am made of fail, as it it took IMDb to tell me that he was Zach on Heroes; I knew he looked familiar, but I just assumed that was from some sort of media fen osmosis.


I liked the voiceovers.

I like that John knows about everything, because at first I was afraid that his mom was gonna be all lying and evasive, and I hate that trope.

When "Cameron" first spoke I was like, "Wow, Summer Glau voice, that is so not a normal person voice," and it was annoying me, but she's a robot, so it's okay.

I'm not a particular action movie fan, but I enjoyed the action scenes -- though I did feel like there had to be a serious suspension of disbelief that the Cromatie with his heat vision never actually hit John with any of his bullets.  (I did like that it was explained that there was Kevlar in the chair that Sarah hid behind.)

John's insistence that he wasn't capable of being an army leader like his mom broke my heart -- that he's just a kid and doesn't feel like he can ever be that Messiah that everyone expects him to be.

When Sarah said she'd do it, would stop Skynet, I thought she was gonna leave them, 'cause hi, they have no idea where to even begin looking, so wouldn't he be so much more likely to get killed if she brings him with her?  (I do recognize that the utility [benefit minus cost] of destroying Skynet is greater than the utility of staying on the run until whenever.)  I was intrigued at the slight smile on Cameron's face after Sarah had turned away from her after telling her that they were gonna go after Skynet rather than crossing the border.

I really liked the resonance of Mike Dyson's widow's line "You destroyed everything."

I loved the bank vault scene.

Cameron: "You can't bring anything back with you when you come.  [...]  You send someone back to build it."
Sarah: "What is it?"
Cameron: "Hope."

I liked that when Cameron says "You're safe," John and Sarah say in unison: "No one's ever safe."
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