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[T:TSCC] 1.02 "Gnothi Seauton" [2008-01-14]

Okay, this show is growing on me.

Cameron: "John sent back better ones."

Sarah to John: "The turkey will reveal itself to you."

I LOVED Cameron's "please remain calm" as she pried herself out of the family's windshield.

Cameron to Sarah: "He sent us here to fight. You're the best fighter he knows."
I liked Sarah getting pissed at Cameron's duplicity, her pointing out that she could have had seven more years to get (John) ready if they hadn't jumped, and Cameron telling her that no, she died two years ago -- of cancer.

The headless Terminator from 1999 popping up at the dump? Man, Terminators are fucking indestructible.

Cameron mimicking the woman standing by the car was freaking adorable.

Sarah to Cameron: "Were you gonna kill that cop? Don't answer that. I don't wanna know."
[in retrospect, nice setup for Cameron's killing of Enrique]
I loved Sarah's save -- her impromptu story of stepmom to a delinquent, she totally played it right.

[on taking orders]
Cameron: "Not this John."
Sarah: "Aren't they the same?"
Cameron: "Not yet."

Sarah: "I'm sure I would have thought the end is near. I'm sure I would have thought, we have failed."
In retrospect, this is so American-centric, as if terrorism hasn't been happening all over the world for years and years, but she is American, and 9/11 devastated everyone, and yeah, she would have reacted that way knowing what she knows.

Yeah, we kinda knew John was gonna bail on the house arrest. I like the show for not making it go as badly as it could have. (I especially liked Cameron and Sarah independently knowing that he had snuck out and Sarah saying that the primary concern wasn't where he had gone.)

John: "Please stop."
I was raised with really solid ideas that your body is your own, so I was wincing when Charley kept coming near John despite John's insistent statements.
Charley's reactions felt believable, though, and I liked that we're left with him quietly knowing but not betraying them.

Sarah: "You just executed him on 'possibly'?"
Cameron: "Because you wouldn't."
And Cameron's right. I mean, yeah, I get that Sarah's right that even she herself doesn't know what she would and wouldn't do, but she loves Enrique, she wants to believe his story.
I am glad that we got the scene with Ellison and the phone message, because as a viewer I like having clarity on stuff like that.

John: "Yeah, I know that. My dad's always a hero. And he's always dead."

Sarah [voiceover]: "no shelter but the love of family and the body God gave us. And we can only hope that will always be enough."

tv.com informs me that "Gnothi Seauton" is Ancient Greek for "know thyself" (cf. Sarah's closing voiceover).
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