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Reading Love Is a Mix Tape makes me even more inclined to make mix CDs than I usually am. However, finding amicable (in the sense of "this is the best for us," not in the sense of "we are happy to be breaking up") breakup songs is hard. I'm thinking Ani's "both hands," though that implies far more of a relationship than there really has been (actually, "imagine that" almost works -- more for the relationship as a whole than the breakup). I was thinking Bif Naked, but all her songs are so angry (e.g. "Moment of Weakness"). Maybe "Lucky"? (Though that one's kind of intense, and I think I read in to it more ambiguity [by which I think I mean imminent breakup] than is textually present since I know it from "Harsh Light of Day" -- which yes, not the scenario I'm looking to evoke, but I don't expect the recipient to know those associations.) It's possible that I'm utilizing mix making as a device for my own processing. I am okay with that.

And no, you all haven't missed me actually dating someone. It's a complicated story I'm not telling the Internet at large, but the punchline is: We love each other a lot, but we mutually agree that actually being a couple is a bad idea.

Edit: I had Pandora on, and Catie Curtis' "Elizabeth" came on. Heh. I love that song so much, though I actually hadn't thought of it in quite some time.
I talk to you on the telephone
At least two times a day
I see a slow train crossing the bridge
Over the Ohio River
She bends and she winds and she's taking her time
But nobody can stop her
From headlights through all ninety two box cars
She will not rest
And so too, I move toward you
My love, Elizabeth
Edit 2: I downloaded jjtaylor's "tonight the headphones will deliver you the words that I can't say" mix.

She wrote:
So I gave in and decided to make the mix I was contemplating yesterday. It started out, as most of my mixes do, being over two hours long, and only with several playthroughs were the final fourteen songs lovingly selected. This is totally a mix I'd give to someone who I really, really liked but who I wasn't supposed to like for some complicated reason - but because I was weak-willed and actually totally in love with them, I'd cross all the lines, give them this mix, and then hide in my room until after they listened to it and they called, or, in the best imaginary scenario, showed up at my door.
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