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[T:TSCC] 1.03 "The Turk" [2008-01-21]

I didn't like this episode as much as the last one.

Okay, musesfool keeps talking about the Sarah/Cameron and I totally don't see it, but "Don't you kiss me -- or anyone else"? Yeah.

John's "she has a plate in her head" is smart -- especially because it has the added bonus of explaining away her oddness.

Was blonde girl in Chem just a feint? Like we think she's gonna be important but really she's just a girl?

What was up with crying blonde girl? I don't understand what exactly happened. Something about that door and spray paint, but I am well and truly confused. [Huh, wiki says "John tries to save a girl (who is involved in a sexual situation at school with a student or teacher that is becoming public) from committing suicide." Wiki also provides an explanation of Skynet, which I appreciate -- in trying to explain stuff to trijinx, I realized that that information hadn't really stuck in my head, if I ever really had it to begin with.]
I was surprised the show went so dark -- her actually jumping.
I get Cameron's disconnect from humanity, but I didn't realize until Sarah yelled at him that she was protecting him from getting his name and face in the papers. (Sidebar: I dislike Sarah telling Terissa that the Terminator that was after them is done, 'cause isn't she all "no one is ever safe"? Though okay, arguably she doesn't know just how indestructible Terminators are.)

Interesting contrast, John's gut-level hero-ness versus his insistence to his mother in a previous episode that he can't be the warrior leader he's expected to be and she needs to do it rather than him.

The title of this worried me, so I was glad that it wasn't actually a big racially offensive thing. [wiki article]

But hi, he spent eight years building this . . . is he really not gonna start over? I mean okay, maybe he won't, but Sarah, you need to kill him.

There was conversation on someone's LJ (which I can't track down now) talking about Charley and how he gets to be coded as feminine in many ways and Sarah as masculine in many ways, and I'm gonna be upset if they turn her into someone incapable of killing anyone she has any emotional connection to at all.

musesfool suggests Sarah should try to recruit him to the cause, which admittedly is something I hadn't thought of. [Edit: fanaddict comments, "Whereas my first thought after seeing she burned down his house but left him alive is that in response he's probably going to invent some sort of AI security system that will become Skynet..." /edit]

I don't entirely understand why the cyborg needs a human exterior -- though yeah it makes business more efficient when people don't look twice at him.

Edit: Heh, commentary from Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit).
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