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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Weeds] 1.10 "The Godmother" [2008-01-23]

I LOVED experimenting Isabelle. And dude, Celia, she's 11, she's experimenting, whatever. Wow was I not expecting the becoming-a-lesbian-to-not-have-to-lose-weight interpretation. I loved Isabelle telling Celia that she was a better person when she thought she was going to die. Snap to Peggy for lying to her parents. The whole rest of the episode, MaryAlice was waiting for the Asian mafia to show up. I was pissed at Peggy's turn-around, though.

Since when does Andy get to be the smart one? (Also: Andy the rabbi? Oy.)

After Alejandro, Conrad would have been my guess as to who beat up the campus cop. Man, who wouldn't want a Fuck-You-Up-Fairy. I'm sympathetic to both Heylia and Conrad as regards the bailing out of Nancy (who really is growing her business supah-fast) and her $14K disaster.

Hi, there is a big difference between marijuana and ecstasy.
Shane's a bit young to be told much about his mom's business I would think, but hi, close the doors. How stupid do you think your son is?

tv.com says:
The scene in which Nancy goes outside where her 'partners' are waiting with a gift and the maid closes the door while the Italian music plays in the background is nearly identical to the closing scene of The Godfather in which Al Pacino's character becomes the Godfather.
"Satan Satan lend me a dollar" *dances* (Showtime says that's "Satan Lend Me a Dollar" by Hill of Beans)
Tags: tv: weeds

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