Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Astonishing X-Men] #24

I purchased the Kitty Pryde cover, obviously.

I've been having trouble keeping track of everything going on even while it's happening, nevermind with these long breaks in between issues (reading it I felt like I should have reread the past two or three as a refresher).
"Meanwhile, Beast has uncovered clues concerning the apocalyptic Breakworld prophecy, which is less ancient than previously assumed, and may actually serve as a guide for destroying the planet." This makes me think of the "Prophecy Girl" (BtVS ep) twist.

I don't even have commentary on some of the plot twists -- like Emma promising Danger Xavier, and Hank's "It's not a missile. // It's a bullet." as we see Kitty's in it -- am mostly just writing down notes 'cause that'll help me remember when the next issue comes out.

I loved Emma's telepathic "Scott, love... // How far do we take this?"

Joss killed Brand! *sadface* (Also: does that mean well never find out what it was she was hiding that triggered Hank's cat-sense suspicion?)

I didn't really think much about Rasputin when it was first mentioned. I refer to Colossus as "Piotr," but I'd totally forgotten his surname -- and that he has/had a sister.

Sidebar: Logan's "It's a colorful story" made me think of Mal -- Firefly.

Scott: "We have their powerlord, inside his most impregnable prison."
Logan: "We pregged it quick enough."
Scott: "We're the X-Men."

Piotr: "I am an X-Man, Katya. I am not in the business of destroying planets. // Especially when I am on them."
Tags: comics: x-men: astonishing

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