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"I'd be lyin' if I said I didn't have designs on you."

So, at the beginning of Bible study last night (7pm) I was feeling tired.  I came home, did LJ writeups, signed on to AIM at some point during that, and around 11pm was ready for bed but was taking care of some stuff I'd kept forgetting when Joe IMed me.  I'd e-mailed him on Saturday, not having talked to him in ages, so obviously I jumped at his IM.

Joe (11:08:15 PM): hey there -- thanks for the email the other day
me (11:08:34 PM): Hey.
me (11:09:16 PM): You're welcome.
Joe (11:10:05 PM): although I have not read Absolom Absolom
me (11:10:58 PM): Really?
Joe (11:11:07 PM): really
me (11:11:16 PM): I would have thought you'd been through the whole Faulkner oeuvre.
Joe (11:11:19 PM): it's strange -- it's the one that people keep mentioning to me
Joe (11:11:29 PM): and probably the one that I haven't read
Joe (11:11:38 PM): although I did not finish Intruder in the Dust
Joe (11:11:48 PM): and own Sanctuary, but haven't read it yet
me (11:12:41 PM): Okay those ones I haven't even heard of.
Joe (11:12:58 PM): haha
Joe (11:13:14 PM): your mom liked absolom in the end, though?
Joe (11:13:25 PM): at least it sounded that way....maybe....
me (11:13:47 PM): Yeah, that was the sense I got from her.
me (11:13:57 PM): That she did like it in the end.
Joe (11:14:38 PM): it does not bode well for an author that you need to slug through 200 pages before you're like "ok, that was pretty good"
me (11:15:09 PM): I'm not sure how far in she'd gotten when she was like, "Who do you know who likes Faulkner?" but yeah.
Joe (11:15:17 PM): haha
Joe (11:15:33 PM): so how is your family?
Joe (11:15:49 PM): (and I'm suprised your father remembered that I like Faulkner)
Joe (11:15:59 PM): (ps, my parents still think it's Hemingway I like)
me (11:16:21 PM): Obviously my parents are far superio to yours :-)
Joe (11:16:28 PM): haha
me (11:19:30 PM): Anyway, they're doing okay.  My dad's in his second(?) year teaching full-time at the high school, and it's definitely easier in some significant ways than the first year.  Though it's accredition time again which means dreadful NEASC committee meetings.  My mom's super-busy as always, and her mother continues to decline.  My brother's a junior at RPI and just started a 6-month internship at Boeing out in LA.
Joe (11:21:09 PM): I'm sorry to hear about your grandma -- happy dad's second year is easier than first (as it tends to be); that's a great internship for your brother...
me (11:22:17 PM): Your thorough response is charming :-)
Joe (11:22:38 PM): haha
Joe (11:22:41 PM): and you, how are you?
Joe (11:22:55 PM): (unintentionally charming)
    [We talked about relationships some, and he asked me if I knew of a particular artist -- Jenny Owen Youngs.]
Joe (11:30:22 PM): of course you can always count on me for a musical interlude to a conversation
me (11:30:53 PM): As soon as I got the File Transfer notification I was like "aww, nostalgia -- I remember doing this in college."
[Elizabeth] received C:\Documents and Settings\default\My Documents\download\[AIM]\03 Fuck Was I.mp3 (11:30:59 PM).
Joe (11:31:03 PM): haha of course
Joe (11:31:05 PM): now listen
Joe (11:31:20 PM): it's the perfect middle ground between Dar and Ani
Joe (11:31:49 PM): not too forgiving and not too angry
me (11:33:05 PM): "my face beneath your feet" is "not too angry"?  *laughs*
Joe (11:33:22 PM): well it's not Superheo
Joe(11:33:26 PM): Superhero*
Joe (11:33:38 PM): it's just right angry
Joe (11:33:48 PM): or Dilate -- god it is SO not Dilate
me (11:34:35 PM): Heh.  Oh Ani, the soundtrack to so many of the relationships I shouldn't be having.
Joe (11:34:47 PM): I know, right?
Joe (11:35:11 PM): and have I ever directed you to Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins?
[Joe] wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\default\My Documents\download\[AIM]\07 You Are What You Love.mp3 (11:37:38 PM).
Joe (11:37:46 PM): as positive encouragement, maybe??
[Elizabeth] received C:\Documents and Settings\default\My Documents\download\[AIM]\07 You Are What You Love.mp3 (11:38:15 PM).
Joe (11:38:17 PM): (said with a sideways glance, of course)
me (11:40:26 PM): "and not what loves you back" --  I like that line.  A lot to chew on in there.
Joe (11:41:39 PM): absolutely
Joe (11:41:44 PM): she has some mighty good songs
[Joe] wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\default\My Documents\download\[AIM]\03 Rise Up With Fists!!!.mp3 (11:42:08 PM).
Joe (11:42:31 PM): let me know when you get tired of my musical vomit
Joe (11:42:32 PM): :-)
[Elizabeth] received C:\Documents and Settings\default\My Documents\download\[AIM]\03 Rise Up With Fists!!!.mp3 (11:42:49 PM).
me (11:43:44 PM): Dude, I've liked them so far.  And I basically only ever get into new artists when other people share them with me.
Joe (11:44:16 PM): haha great
Joe (11:44:20 PM): I mean I'm the same way
Joe (11:44:30 PM): Jenny Lewis, by the way, is the lead singer of Rilo Kiley
me (11:44:38 PM): Sweet!
Joe (11:44:47 PM): ok -- so familiarity there
Joe (11:45:10 PM): so she's connected to Bright Eyes et al
Joe (11:45:15 PM): on the same label
[Joe] wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\default\My Documents\download\[AIM]\09 Handle With Care.mp3 (11:45:30 PM).
Joe (11:45:34 PM): so this song actually is a cover
Joe (11:45:52 PM): that she does with Colin O from Bright Eyes and one of the RK guys
Joe (11:46:06 PM): originally performed by the Traveling Willburys
[Elizabeth] received C:\Documents and Settings\default\My Documents\download\[AIM]\09 Handle With Care.mp3 (11:46:12 PM).
Joe (11:47:03 PM): (which was a side project for a group of aged rockers -- specifically Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison)
me (11:47:50 PM): And as always, you have way more musical knowledge than I ever will.
Joe (11:48:12 PM): I just think it's cool how everything is connected
me (11:48:22 PM): Yeah, that is cool.
    [He kept sending me music, and we talked about it as I listened.  In turn, I sent him a few -- though via e-mail as AIM wasn't letting me send him stuff.]
Joe (12:30:05 AM): Tom McRae reminds me somewhat of Sufjan Stevens
me (12:30:39 AM): mm, yeah, i can see that
Joe (12:30:52 AM): except less....
Joe (12:30:53 AM): haha
Joe (12:31:14 AM): whatever it is about sufjan that makes him sing about civil war skeletons clapping and whatnot
me (12:31:50 AM): Haha, that actually makes me think of Jeffrey Foucault a bit.
Joe (12:35:34 AM): on a totally different note have you ever noticed that John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig looks scarily like Rachael Griffiths?
me (12:36:23 AM): huh, I'd never thought of that before but yeah, I can see that.
Joe (12:36:34 AM): haha -- sorry
Joe (12:37:02 AM): I had realized this earlier, but needed to tell SOMEONE
me (12:37:14 AM): hah
me (12:37:24 AM): I'm glad I could be that person for you :-)
Joe (12:37:54 AM): well I needed to tell someone who would be familiar with both parties involved in the comparison
Joe (12:38:05 AM): or at least would have the googling skills/desire
me (12:39:13 AM): Yeah, I totally IMDb-ed her, 'cause while her name is familiar I couldn't call up a mental visual.
me (12:47:34 AM): Okay, I should head to bed.  (Clearly Yahoo is never going to attach this file, so just Google Carrie Cheron -- you can listen to her stuff on her MySpace/CDbaby page.) Thank you for IMing me.  I've missed you.  And I appreciate the new music, too :-)
Joe (12:49:39 AM): definitely
Joe (12:49:41 AM): :-)
Joe (12:49:46 AM): I've missed you, too
me (12:50:13 AM): *is touched*  Thank you.


I did 15+min in the weight room this morning.  I had raisin bran before I left the house, but after the gym I went after a yogurt parfait.  They only had pineapple, so I got yogurt, granola, and grapes off the salad bar.

I can't multi-task quite like some people I know, so it actually makes me work less efficiently, but it does make me happy that/when my work boyfriend IMs me in the mornings while I'm at work and he's still at home.

Heh, this morning's metro -- from "The Buzz" by Jeff Howe:
The Patriots have a week off until their next game, when they play the Giants next Sunday at 6 p.m. How's that for not buying into the hype?

"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
-Psalm 118:24

Five good things about today:
1. Yummy breakfast food.  (Possibly overpriced, but.)
2. Repeated conversations/allusions about tying people up.
3. Nicki invited me to hang out in Davis Square tomorrow night with a friend of hers (she'd also invited Katie).  I'm previously committed to taking my mom to Symphony (for her birthday, which is Sunday, though I would have taken her regardless), but I was v. pleased to have been invited (and totally would have gone, had I been free).
4. I actually got lots of the stuff I needed from Prof.B. (signatures and answers and check-writing).
5. A possible breakthrough of sorts in a particular relationship.

Three things I did well today:
1. Working on scheduling (Aleta in Faculty Administration had her baby three weeks early, so Rae's swamped, so since I'd already been helping with this one visit I obviously stepped up and am doing more).
2. I was proactive in getting a few minutes of Prof.B's time so I could actually take care of the growing stack of stuff on my desk.
3. Made efforts to make myself understood in a particular interaction.

Two things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
1. Symphony concert with my mom.
2. Getting more work done.
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