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[CWM] (third Sunday after Epiphany) [2008-01-27]

Prelude and Silent Meditation
"Christ beckons us beyond the point of familiarity, asking us to risk doing something we don't know how to do, to become someone we're not yet sure we know how to be." -Mark Ralls

Call to Worship
[One] Blessed are you. God of all creation, and blessed is the communion into which you gather us.  You promised that when two or three gather you will be there in the midst of us.
[All] Send your Holy Spirit to call us by name and lead us home.
[One] We come defeated, we come dancing.  We come tired, we come trusting.  We come aggrieved, we come adoring.
[All] Send your Holy Spirit to call us by name and lead us home.
[One] We come because our hearts are made restless by echoes of a song we have never heard and memories of a place we have never seen.
[All] Send your Holy Spirit to call us by name and lead us home.

Opening Hymn: "Awake, O Sleeper" (with vss.3-5 rewritten)

Scripture Lesson: 1 Corinthians 1:10-18
    Tiffany asked me to be one of the lay readers, and I glanced at the reading, noted it was different from the first reading at morning church, but for some reason decided to not actually read it, contrary to my usual modus operandi.  So while it was somewhat familiar, I was basically reading anew as I went along.  So Paul's rocking the biting sarcasm, and he says, "I thank God that I baptized none of you except Crispus and Gaius, so that no one of can say that you were baptized in my name," and then he begins a parenthetical, and I think, "Ah yes, Paul the lawyer" -- "(I did baptize the household of Stephanas;" -- and then, the next clause, I probably would have laughed even having read it before and having been able to sit a bit with the knowledge that it was coming, but I definitely couldn't keep from laughing reading it new -- "beyond that, I do not know whether I baptized anyone else.)"

Children's Time
    Tiffany talked about how she and her younger brother used to fight, and how she would try to hurt him with her words.  Moral of the story: Don't fight, use nice words.

Special Music: "Into the Unshaped Silence" from the United Church of Canada

Scripture Lesson: Matthew 4:18-23
    Sean was the other lay reader, and it's a pretty straightforward passage, but he definitely got into it, which I meant to thank him for, but during the Passing of the Peace I opted instead to comment on the upcoming anniversary of his father's death  (Tallessyn had raised the anniversary in her prayer concerns) 'cause I said I should have remembered since when I first started attending CWM I was sort of thrust into.

    Tiffany talked about the situation with the church in Corinth at the time of Paul's letter (with obvious parallels to the current United Methodist Church, but she actually kept the focus on the church in Corinth, mostly letting the parallels speak for themselves, which I appreciated).
    She said that Paul wasn't so much concerned about the infighting and name-calling and all, since that's part of being human, but that he was concerned that this was affecting their ability to be the body of Christ.  She talked about Wesley's idea that "schism is sin" and quoted from his "Second Letter to Mister Clark," which I can't find online, so I'll just wait until she blogposts a version of the sermon.  One part I did jot down was "walk as Christ walked." Edit: blogspot, 7Villages -- "Only see that your heart be right toward God, that you know and love Jesus Christ; that you love your neighbour, and walk as [Christ] walked; and I desire no more." /edit
    She talked about the passage from Matthew and said that it's often used to argue that we should give up everything, follow unquestioningly, etc. -- unsurprisingly, this is not where she was going with this.  She said she wanted instead to focus on what Jesus says: "Follow me."  She said that as far as Wesley was concerned, it's "not about uniformity of opinion but singleness of goal."
    She said that Ephesians says: "Be angry.  But do not sin."

Our Prayers, Pastoral Prayer and Jesus' Prayer

Doxology: "Eve'ry Time I Feel the Spirit" (refrain)

Passing of the Peace

Sean had the bread and said "strength for the journey," which I liked.

I really like the Communion hymn: "Precious Love, Take My Hand" (v.1+refrain, rewritten as usual)
Precious Love, take my hand, lead me on, let me stand,
I am tired, I am weak, I am worn;
Through the storm, through the night, lead me on to the light.
Take my hand, precious Love, lead me home!
Closing Prayer


Closing Hymn: "In Christ There Is No East or West"
I liked that bit in verse 3: "and all are kin to me"



I've been invited to two Super Bowl parties thus far (Jess from CAUMC young adult group, and Naila and Munir from CHPC) but my reaction kept being, "Thanks, but I think I have another commitment," by which I meant queer church.  At the end of church tonight, Tiffany announced that post-service fellowship next week is gonna be at her and Josh's place, somewhat selfishly 'cause she wants to watch the Super Bowl :)

Carolyn came back, which I was not v. surprised by but was still pleased by.  (She's a student at the BU School of Theology and came to CWM for the first time last week.)  She mentioned various things she's interested in doing, including developing a worship service that's accessible to mentally-retarded/mentally-handicapped people and developing a worship service that's accessible to the illiterate.

I thanked Trevanna for doing dinner.  She said she felt guilty, that it was unfair that she enjoyed fellowship dinner all the time and never provided.  I said I often feel similarly but then choose not to act on that feeling :)  She raised the possibility of doing it jointly, which I should think about.

I opted to skip Church Council (which began after fellowship, c. 7:30).  I said goodbye to Tiffany and she said she'd be thinking of me and my coworkers this week (I'd lifted up recent departmental politics during the Prayers of the People).  I explained a bit further -- 'cause as I'd said, none of it affects me directly, and I wanted to make sure she understood that.  She said sympathetic and supportive things (though she had to cut our conversation short as Church Council was clearly waiting for her in order to begin), which I appreciated.
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