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[T:TSCC] 1.04 "Heavy Metal" [2008-02-04]

Yeah, I kinda like this show.

Interesting choice, opening with the Golem of Prague. "He didn't sleep for months. I tried to tell him it wasn't real, I'd made it all up. Somehow that made it all worse."

Sarah (to John): "You seem down. Downer than usual."

Sarah (to John): "Fine means you're upset about something and won't tell me."

John (to Sarah): "I try not to make plans. Plans are for people in control of their own lives."

I liked that Cameron explained "We're programmed to repair ourselves. We're programmed to blend in."

John: "We hunt him for a change. Or we could run -- again."

Sarah (to Cameron, re: Terminators): "You're not above self-examination and improvement."

James' "I like natural" was v. Jubal Early, which was creeping me out. I wasn't a fan of James initially since I'm not a fan of the "good guy who doesn't know the bigger [supernatural] picture and therefore working to thwart Our Heroes" trope, but I liked him a lot better this episode. Loved his "Last time I had a case this many things didn't add up, three people blew themselves up in a bank."

John: "It's war. War is dangerous."
Sarah: "If you die, they win."
     They both have valid points. I like seeing John stepping up into the role of being a hero. He's itching to fight rather than run, but he's also learning to channel that into actual productive things.

Sarah (to guard): "Have you seen a dachshund puppy?" [punch]

Sarah: "It's too soon."
Cameron: "Is it? The world ends in four years."

Minefield! That's cruel. You scare me sometimes, Sarah.

I loved Cameron's almost nostalgia at being in the place where she would be built. (And yes, I try not to think too hard about time travel paradoxes -- about what if because they sent her back to help John they stop her from ever being built.)

Cameron: "John does these things."
Sarah: "Not the John I know."
Cameron: "The John I know."
     I was reminded of that moment in an earlier episode where Cameron won't take orders from Sarah and it comes out that she takes orders from John, but not this John, and Sarah says aren't they the same person, and Cameron says not yet.

Sarah (voiceover): "Not all versions of the Golem story end badly."
     Love Summer Glau walking on the truck as it hurtles toward the cliff.

John: "I'm fine. Really. How many times we gonna have this talk?"
Sarah: "A lot, I think."
     Which is actually a really comforting statement of hope and faith, because it means she believes he's not gonna get himself killed.

I liked Sarah's closing monologue about "the pride of man, and also of parents ... is believing that anything we create, we can control."

Why does John look so creepy in that closing scene?
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