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BtVS 8.11

A Beautiful Sunset

(Million Year Picnic only had the primary cover, so that's what I got.)

I love that the opening panel is a shot of the girl at bat from "Chosen," with Buffy voiceover-ing: "Once upon a time... // ... I did something good."

Interesting idea that "Girls all over the world were given power -- not just strength, though that does come in handy -- but purpose. Meaning." (And then she says "Connection," which turns out to be a theme.)

Also interesting: "Saving the world means keeping the status quo. But apocalypses come because the world is changing. It has to. // That either means chaos, and the morons chaos inevitably employs .... // // Or it means moving forward. To something better. // And I did that." And then oh, the dry "Yay me" over the surveillance footage.

Xander (to Buffy, re: Willow): "Is that why she took off so suddenly? 'Cause you're an international jewel thief? // Which, sidebar, incredibly sexy?"

Oh, Xander: "It's always complicated with girls. That's why I need a man."

Buffy: "Well, Andrew..."
Xander: "Do you really intend to finish that sentence?"
Buffy: "No, it's a nice length now."

Aww, party.

Xander: "Come on. Let's show them how it was done back in the day."
Buffy: "Which day was that?"
Xander: "I think it was a Thursday. You wore blue. Seriously, Buff...."
Aww, Casablanca.

Buffy to Satsu: "Wow, you look... Actually you look like me in a dream I had one time."
Aww, "Restless"!

Satsu (who, wow, great shot of her, btw): "Did we... skip [rule] Number One?"
Buffy: "Number one is you are always in danger. / Right now, you're in terrible danger."
Satsu: "...Why...?"
Buffy: "You're in love with me."

I believe in Buffy's powers of obvliviousness, so I don't so much buy the "It wasn't just the lip gloss/. // I sorta woulda figured it out anyway. And I'm pretty sure other people have."

I love Buffy's "I think it's the sweetest thing ever."
And then the monster says, "The sweetest thing will be your bloo--" [in a different font, no less!]
Buffy: "Ack! Please. We're talking."
Satsu: "Don't make fun of me. This isn't some crush..."
Buffy: "Your kiss couldn't have woken me up if it was."
Monster: "Now, girl. you will feel the wrath of --"
Buffy: "Oh God! Nobody cares about your wrath! // Satsu, I do remember what it's like to be in love." [and then lower right on the last panel before the pageturn] "I know how much it can hurt."
Buffy: "And honestly, I think it's kinda awesome. You're hot, you have great taste, you're a hell of a Slayer and you smell good."
Satsu: "But you're not gay."
Buffy: "Not so you'd notice."

Buffy: "People who love me tend to ... oh, die... // // ...maybe go to a hell dimension, or burn up, or they start letting camps suck on 'em and they leave, they all leave, even my friends, sooner of later everybody realizes there's something wrong... something wrong with me, or around me, or... // Wow. // Did not mean to end up there."

Twilight: "One Slayer was all right, but all these girls... // ... The world can't contain them, and they will suffer for that. // // I'll not kill you now, My first gift is my last. I know that you meant well. // But you have brought about disaster. And it falls to me to avert it. // // Have you made a difference? Have your Slayers helped change anything in this world? // // Have they helped you?"

"You didn't kill her."
Twilight: "That's been done. To little effect. // The trick is to strip her of her greatest armor... // // ... her moral certainty. // // However hapless she may be about her personal life, she has always firmly believed she was on the side of right. // // And if there's one thing I've learned about the Slayer..."
I didn't notice him lifting his mask until after the pageturn, but zomg -- he's human, isn't he?

Buffy to Satsu: "I'll heal. // // We'll heal."

Buffy: "Are we doing any good? We've been fighting more demons, but... // ... but it just seems like there are more demons to fight, and what, is that because of us?"
Xander" "Buffy. // Turn around. // // I live with a bunch of Slayers. // Dozens of girls who are... so filled up with purpose, with confidence they didn't have before... the walls are vibrating with it. // I can't sleep, the place is so charged."
Buffy: "You really need to ask out Renee already."
Xander: "Stop changing the subject to true things. // Maybe now we're only cleaning up messes, but we're just getting started. What you created is a lot more than just monster fighters."
Interesting idea that Buffy, as the leader, is somehow shut out of that connection (though it certainly makes sense). She was the One girl in all the world, who wasn't supposed to have friends or a family or anything, and she always fought against that, always made connections anyway -- cf. Spike in "Fool for Love": "Every Slayer... has a death wish. Even you. The only reason you've lasted as long as you have is you've got ties to the world... your mum, your brat kid sister, the Scoobies. They all tie you here, but you're just putting off the inevitable."
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