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[T:TSCC] 1.05 "Queen's Gambit" [2008-02-11]

Sarah (voiceover): "To win, you need to be patient, bold, calculating, and most of all . . . willing to sacrifice."

I appreciate the confirmation that Sarah did indeed "napalm" the place, since apparently there was discussion as to whether Sarah arrived there after the fire.

Oh, John. "Good code is like a good song in your head; it's gotta come out."

Given that the Turk got stolen (when green-jacket man bumped into Sarah as she was heading for Andy I was like, "He killed Andy! Run after him and get the Turk back! Erm, except he can't fit even the bubble-packed thing Andy was holding earlier under his coat."), do we think maybe it engineered the loss -- since nobody's gonna be watching the loser, so it's easy to steal. Though is Turk 2 really that sentient? And it would have had to have had input from an external source to know of something beyond winning the tournament which to want. The Russian? Though he's unlikely to be a programmer. Though he must have associates. Another Terminator? Edit: oyceter's writeup reminded me that when I was watching I initially thought that after the queen's gambit the Russian made a move on his own, not waiting for Turk 2 to tell him what to do. (And yeah, while it makes sense that people would be more engaged watching actual people play, it is inefficient to have them as intermediaries when surely you could have the computers play against each other straight-up.) /edit

So Cheryl Weston, John's Chem partner, is "damaged goods." Her odd behavior at the memorial intrigued me, so I'm choosing to look at this as my being interested in non-normative characters, because it is so sketchy to be all, "Ooh, damaged goods female, how attractive."

I really liked Charley's "I never knew and I do not know, Sarah Connor." As soon as John ran out, of course we knew he was going to get Charley. Sarah's commitment to saving Derek Reese reminded me of her voiceover (at the end of 1.02 "Gnothi Seauton") that we have "no shelter but the love of family and the body God gave us. And we can only hope that will always be enough." I hope they don't do some horrible plotline about Charley still being in love with Sarah and his wife getting jealous and stuff.

If John sent Derek back, wouldn't Derek have known Cameron? I don't really want her to have a history of having been bad. Though someone pointed out after last week's episode that if she was built in that factory, that means she was built by the bad guys, not by the resistance.

Shallowly, I loved Cameron's sleeve things. I should find her inability unbelievable, but I was cracking up during the scene in the grief counselor's office. I get why the writers think it's interesting to have her be basically a blank slate who's learning about being human as the series progresses, but it does feel somewhat unbelievable. I liked bits of her learning about grief, though. "You should write Andy a note. If you can't cry." The best moment, though, was when she took out the Terminator's chip.

P.S. Sarah invented a tornado as part of their backstory? Oh, Baum.

Sarah (voiceover): "In war, there is hope." I do give the writers props for the ambiguity there, 'cause we don't know if Derek's gonna survive (he's just stopped breathing) and we don't know how the Charley-Sarah reunion's gonna play out. Edit: spectralbovine (linked from Mely's writeup) points out: "the goal of chess is not annihilation. It's simply to capture the king." Sarah's line about annihilation rang a bit odd when I first heard it, but I didn't think too much on it 'cause there was so much else going on. /edit

Edit: Things wot I forgot to mention:

Sarah: "Field trip."
John: "I call shotgun".
Cameron: "I call 9-millimeter."

Agent Ellison finding the Terminator arm! He can finagle a blood test, and even if he can't, surely it will be clear that that is a bionic arm.
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