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[Weeds] 2.04 "A.K.A. The Plant" [2008-02-12]

I liked the theme song in French -- "Little Boxes (Petites Boites)" by McGarrigle Sisters.

[quotes from tv.com]

What was Doug's re-election slogan? "Change only leads to problems"?

I was actually thrown by Celia's resistance to Isabelle being a "husky" model, though on reflection it does make sense.

Isabelle: "Mom I want to be a model."
Celia: "Get an eating disorder and then we'll talk."

Nice save with the ventilator, Nancy ("Lacy"). And "that's when they found the cancer" -- yeah, you are a serious badass.

Wow, there was no kickback in those guns. (It makes me wanna go to a firing range, though.)

Dean punches Conrad! After losing his job. P.S. omg, they tased him. (And then runs away, because he is not entirely stupid.)

I was so confused as to how Nancy seemed so not-threatened by the Armenian(?) guy. I mean, I know she's often overconfident, but she was acting as if she already had a solution nevermind confidence that a solution would turn up. Finally MaryAlice said, "She knows a DEA agent! She's married to a DEA agent. She could so get him busted." Despite the fact that they had totally been reminding us of this earlier in the episode ("Is going undercover exciting?" / "Until you get shot in the ass by a meth addict with a nail gun.") that totally hadn't occurred to me. Yes, I seriously fail sometimes.

Yael talking about pain and pleasure, I was like, "Yes, she could totally kick Andy's ass," which was comforting to me, because I really didn't want to every woman who ever meets this jerk to fall for him. The bit about Israeli macho, I totally thought of how the other weekend Katie went to P-town and she was telling us about over coffee, and Greg (who was in the Navy in Israel) said he thinks he has enough residual homophobia that he would be very uncomfortable visiting P-town.

Andy: "Am I getting mixed messages here, or?"
Yael: "Look, you're adorable, but I'm not attracted to you. Sorry."
Andy: "Are you a chubby chaser or something?"
Yael: "No, it's just-I need a man. Someone big and strong. Someone who can grow a beard. You're pretty, and I could flip you like a pancake. You'll ask permission instead of just slamming me up against a wall and fucking me until I cum like a volcano. But we can still be friends, right?"

Shane's 11, right? That many guys having gotten handjobs at that age should not be a norm. I remember being in middle school and knowing that there were girls who'd had sex and thinking that seemed young.

Andy takes Shane to a hooker! While I do not approve, I am less squicked than I am probably supposed to be.

Um, not enough time has passed for Megan to know she's pregnant. We're looking at like maybe a week since last episode.

Oh, I forgot the Heylia plotline. She and Nancy were kinda cute. (What was it Heylia said to her? Something about lucky stars shining all over her ladyparts?) I'm uncomfortable with how quickly Joseph gives up the rules of his faith for some booty, though.
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