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Happy Valentine's Day

hernewshoes linked to PostSecret for Valentine's Day.

The top one is awesome.

However, it's one farther down that particularly jumped out at me.

I have always been single on Valentine's Day, and I have never been mopey about it, and I refuse to be mopey about it this year.

I am grateful to all the people who have listened to some or all of my emo drama -- particularly Ari, Jonah, Allie, Joe, CHPC-Rachel, mjules, and my mom.

Excerpts from "The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You" by Alex Levinton:
The late Steve Irwin, a man who used to tackle 12-foot crocodiles for fun and wave angry snakes filled with kill-you-before-your-next-heartbeat poison at a camera, considered a five-minute sequence where his camera team had to cross a river filled with hippos to be the single most dangerous moment ever filmed on his show.

The man who toyed with crocodiles, was scared shitless of hippos.


Male platypi have a pair of spurs on their hind legs that they use for defense and dominance duels. They deliver a brutal dose of venom that will put a human being into the emergency room and leave him writhing in muscle-impaired agony for months.

The platypus is mother nature's way of saying, "I made this thing out of spare parts I found on the workshop floor, and it can still fucking cripple you."


In Ireland, it is not uncommon for university rowing teams to cancel practice because there is a swan in the river. Rowing teams tend to be composed of men who are built like very large trees. Trees that bench-press Volvos. These men are terrified of swans, probably due to a grizzled old rowing coach, always looking on from the shore, a bill-shaped scar where his left eye used to be.
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