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[Weeds] 2.06 "Crush Girl Love Panic" [2008-02-15]

I liked the Aidan Hawken version of the theme song.

[quotes mostly from tv.com]

How is Celia such an idiot as to tell the hair and makeup people that they're wrong?

Celia: Why is it that all you gay men hate women sooo much?
Director: Because we have mothers like you.

And how is Celia surprised that yeah, Isabelle hates her.

Andy: I have to fuck you.
Yael: (laughs) Will you stop? I told you, you don't have the qualities I look for in a man.
Andy: Now what exactly are those qualities? 'Cause I can get them. I know a guy who... knows a guy.
Yael: I like big men. You have none of the physical qualities I look for in a male lover.
Andy: (sighs)
Yael: But you do have soft skin, and sad eyes, and those are things I find very attractive, (whispers) when I sleep with women.

As soon as she said "in a male lover" I called that she was bi. And yet I fail and didn't anticipate the "when I sleep with women" end to the "soft skin" line. I was disappointed that it seemed like she really was gonna sleep with him, but pulling out the ginormous dildo? ftw. When she first pulled out something black I thought she was gonna tie him up (and possibly leave him there -- a la that How I Met Your Mother episode). But no. Someone was like, "I guess they can get away with this 'cause it's Showtime." I was like, "Showtime is totally my favorite channel."

(Nancy is banging on a pot and singing into a microphone horribly)
Shane: Stop, you have to stop.
Andy: Yeah yeah stop.
Nancy: Not until Silas comes out, this is my invasion of Panama.
Shane: Like when we got the canal?
Andy: No, what do they teach you in school?
Shane: How to pass the weekly standardized tests to get the school more funding.

How does Andy know about the Panama Invasion? I don't know about that.

When Shane said he'd signed up for Debate Club I totally called that there was a girl involved. I was surprised there was an actual Debate Club involved.
     And oh, his friends are watching, so he just kicks the girl.

How does Silas get a car out of this?

When Joseph was berating Heylia's daughter, the shot of Heylia when he cited foul language and cornrows, great look on her face, 'cause she's not necessarily all that different from her daughter. I liked that Vaneeta wasn't just complaining that Joseph was some "pork-fearing" preacher man who wanted "women to look like beekeepers" but that she was concerned that Heylia was vanishing -- which when she first says it you think of it as Heylia hiding her real self, but then Vaneeta goes all pragmatic, about how business is suffering. I really hope they don't go somewhere bad with this plotline, 'cause I love that Heylia is an independent businesswoman who doesn't take shit from anybody, and whom everybody else in the business is well cowed by (excepting knife guy from a previous episode).

It hadn't occurred to me that Conrad et al wouldn't have the protection Nancy does. Not sure that introducing Conrad and Peter was the brightest move. Someone commented that this was a bad idea and I thought, "By introducing them, Nancy, you've removed any plausible deniability Peter might have had should he be pressed to testify in the future."

Conrad (to Nancy): "Heylia was right: you open your big brown eyes and I fall into shit."


And trivia from tv.com:

Andy is wearing a shirt that says "Getting Chai" (the "Chai" is in Hebrew). Obviously a joke combining "Getting High" with his newly reformed self ("Chai" as a reference to Judaism).

When Dean says "Kill all the lawyers", he is referring to anarchist Dick the Butcher's line from Shakespeare's Henry VI - "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." (Act IV, Scene II).

Celia: God, how did I get here? What have I done? This is not my life.
Dean: Same as it ever was.
     These lines are all taken from the Talking Heads song, "Once in a Lifetime."
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