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[CHPC] Lent 2 [2008-02-17]

The cover of the bulletin had a drawing of a sun behind hills, with the words:
"I lift my eyes to the hills---
    from where will my help come?
My help is from the LORD, who made
    the heaven and earth"

Psalm 121:1-2

Call to Worship
[One] Is this not the fast I choose: to loose the bonds of injustice;
[All] to share your bread with the hungry
[One] to bring the homeless poor into your house
[All] when you see the naked, to clothe them?
[One] Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,
[All] and your healing shall spring up quickly.
     (Book of Common Worship)

Opening Prayer (unison)
     God of love, as in Jesus Christ you have yourself to us, so may we give ourselves to you, living according to your holy will.  Keep our feet firmly in the way where Christ leads is; make our mouths speak the truth that Christ teaches us; fill our bodies with the life that is Christ within us.  All this we pray, Amen.
     (Book of Common Worship)

Hymn: "Just as I Am"
    Yes, I continue to be thrown by hearing "the old chestnuts," as JoeF. would say, in this progressive church.

Choral Call to Prayer

Silent Prayer

Prayer of Confession (unison)
     God of mercy, you sent Jesus Christ to seek and save the lost.  We confess that we have strayed from you and turned aside from your way.  We are misled by pride, for we see ourselves pure when we are stained, and great when we are small.  We have failed in love, neglected justice, and ignored your truth.
     Have mercy on us, O God, and forgive our sins.  Return us to paths of righteousness through Jesus Christ, our Savior.  Amen.
     (Book of Common Worship)

Words of Assurance

The Gloria

Passing of the Peace of Christ

Time With Our Young People
     Sarah G. talked about the paper fish banks for One Great Hour of Sharing.

Scripture Reading Genesis 12:1-4a


Scripture Reading John 3:1-17

Sermon "Born Again?"
     One of the things Sarah G. talked about in her sermon was how "believe" means to "live by" -- contrast with how we all know that we can agree with people we don't care for.

Affirmation of Faith: The Apostle's Creed
    Karl talked a little about how some people are uncomfortable saying this for a variety of reasons, and his "why we should try saying it anyway" wasn't entirely compelling, but I found myself actually kind of enjoying just getting into the poetic rhythm of it and suspending my actual theological beliefs a little bit.

Hymn: "There Are Some Things I May Not Know"
     Not a song I knew, but the hymnal indicates it's an African-American gospel song.

Prayers of Concern and Celebration
    Karl mentioned that two people had joined the church at Wednesday's Session meeting.  It felt so odd to me that Installation of Deacons and Elders was done during the service (whereas I would think of it as something for Annual Meeting, possibly just Session) but people becoming members wasn't.

The Prayer of Christ (ecumenical version, in unison)
     Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven.  Give us today our daily bread.  Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.  Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil.  For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and forever.  Amen.

Focus on Mission
     David? (I should know his name, but I don't) said that we're a small church and so we often think that we can only have small impacts, but every year Harvard Divinity School students pass through this church and become interns and go off all over the country after they leave here and do great things both here and elsewhere, and that really is a big thing.

    I'd totally heard this hymn before, and I like it a lot -- even though I would totally be the pragmatic Bad Disciple in the story -- but I couldn't find the words online, which was bothersome.
Do you see this woman? Do you see her standing there?  She has bathed my feet with her tears.
You gave me no water, you gave me no kiss [...]
Do you see this woman?  Do you see her standing there?  She has dried my feet with her hair.
You gave me no water, you gave me no kiss [...]
Do you see this woman?  Do you see her standing there?  She has kissed my feet with her lips.
Your sins are forgiven.  Your faith has saved you.  Go in peace, go in peace, go in peace.
Prayer of Dedication
     Blessed are you, God of all creation; through your goodness we have these gifts to share.  Accept and use our offerings for your glory and for the service of your kingdom.  Amen.
     (The Worship Sourcebook)

Hymn: "On A Hill Far Away" (The Old Rugged Cross)
     Yeah, I was really surprised that we did this hymn.


Response: "O Holy Spirit, Root of Life" (v. 3) "O Holy Wisdom, Soaring Power, encompass us with wings unfurled, and carry us, encircling all, above, below, and through the world."

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