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Pretty Things (2005) [MFA, 2008-02-17]


Yeah, I'm shallow and was going probably as much to get to watch attractive women in various stages of undress as I was to learn about this culture.

Thus I was really pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the interview segments with former burlesque stars were.

One of the women was saying that there's no mystery these days: "They come out nude, get lewd, then screwed."

Liz (the documentary-ist) was asking Shelley Britton about some boyfriend and expressed surprised that Shelley didn't remember all her boyfriends.  Shelley said she'd had hundreds after all.
Liz: "So you slept around a bit?"
Shelley: "A bit.  But I sent out the invitations."

[Zorita's gay; Liz seems to be straight.]
Zorita: "I think being gay intrigues you."
Liz: "Sex in general intrigues me.  Why can't I just be interested in you?"
Zorita: "What, you wanna go steady?"

I'm crap at writing reviews, but this was really interesting and enjoyable, and I'm using part of my Amazon gift certificate to purchase the book.

There's lots of other stuff in the documentary I didn't talk about in this entry, but which I'll happily talk about in comments if anyone asks.
Tags: film: mfa, movies: watched, sex

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