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[T:TSCC] 1.06 "Dungeons & Dragons" [2008-02-18]

"Do you want him to die?"
Cameron: "If I wanted him to die --"

Cameron to John: "You look nervous.  Would you like a sedative?"

"protect Sarah Connor in 2027" -- so Cameron knows about the time travel mission?  'cause in her timeline, Sarah was well dead by that time.  [And I think the episode is intending to strongly indicate that the Topanga Canyon thing was a time travel mission.  But I don't know movieverse, so I'm not really sure.  John tells Derek that Kyle was killed fighting the machines; I assume that means during his time with Sarah -- Sarah had said she only got a few days with Kyle, which I always assumed meant he time-jumped back to the future he had come from, even though on reflection that makes no sense on a number of levels.]
Edit: Except, why would Kyle have a snapshot of Sarah unless he'd already gone back? /edit

Charley: "Gun to your head?"
Sarah: "More like in my head.  It's, um, complicated."

John: "I sent him back here.  I must trust him."
Sarah: "Not enough to tell him about Kyle."

prisoner: "I built Skynet.  [...]  It became angry and scared.  And I couldn't reassure it."
I really wanna know more about that.  I was like, "Why aren't you interrogating him?"  But then it turns out that Derek didn't know yet that they could travel back in time.

Kyle: "Where did you send him?  You owe me the truth!  He's my blood!"
Oh man, what a painful moment for both of them.

Cameron: "hyper-alloy combat chassey chassis"

Cameron: "He's not a guy; he's a scary robot."

Charley: "He's a scary robot.  You're a very scary robot."

Cameron: "You should go.  It's not safe for you here."
And the heat from the flames distorts Charley's image of her, so her lips appear to contort.  Nicely done.

Edit: musesfool said: "I realize it was the thermite or whatever that she was sprinkling over the endoskeleton, but all I could think was she was salting and burning the thing and the Winchesters would approve" /edit

future!Cameron: "Sometimes they go bad.  No one knows why."
So Derek knows that Cameron's a reprogrammed, working for the good guys (for Connor!), cyborg.  But he clearly still trusts her like negative amounts.

Of course when Sarah says her final "everything" we know Cameron still has the chip.

[after Sarah says something like, "I can't let you say it."]
Charley: "What can I say?"
Oh, Charley.  *pets him*

Edit: I meant to end with a comment on John reassuring Derek, but dude, Sarah's voiceover about how the machine cannot be reasoned with, over a flashback of Derek killing Andy? I had totally believed him when he told Sarah that Andy was dead when he got there (in part because, hi, wouldn't Derek have wanted to destroy the supercomputer as well?).

Edit: In a comment on coffeeandink's post, boniblithe wrote:
Who is there when baby AI wakes up? What patterns program it?

I'm waiting to see if the show goes where it ultimately would make the most difference: John Connor there when the AI wakes up, because he's realized he can't prevent evolution, but he can shape it, by being the one to teach Skynet why & how to decide to NOT wipe out the human race.
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