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[Weeds] 2.07 "Must Find Toes" [2008-02-20]

I liked the samba kinda performance of the theme song. (Ozomatli)

Oh, Andy, with talk of "leading his people" to great and good things -- like cheeseburgers.

The dog really chewed off two of Andy's toes. Leaving the plausibility of that aside, I'm really surprised Andy wasn't noisier in pain.

Andy wheedles Yael to let him pitch instead of catch -- and then he tells her he's dropping out of the rabbinate (which we all called as soon as we saw that he really had lost some toes). Could he be any stupider as re: timing? She slaps him -- twice. Which is the least she could do, really; I was hoping for a serious beatdown. "You can't commit to anything, can you?" And he's all "I'm committed to you." *facepalm*

I kinda like Celia's cancer hair.
Dean wants to do the crossword by himself, but then when she asks, "Do you wanna have sex?" he offers a crossword clue ("sky-high accessory"). That's some serious desire to not have sex with your wife. I totally get that hi, you really do not like this person as a human being, therefore of course you don't want to have sex with them, but given how often the cultural/media idea is that men will fuck anything with a vagina, I was pleased by this.

His name's not on the ballot!
(And he still only lost by 3 votes.)

Doug throws a stapler at Dean! Twice! And he tells him to get out even after the offer of pot. That is intense.

Shane: "Why do you always have to bring up Dad?"
I actually didn't feel like it was excessive. I mean, it was an example of two people really falling for each other despite initial animosity on one party's part. (Though when she started with her "You need to be brave," I got worried, 'cause that just makes me uncomfortable on so many levels.)

When Silas is petitioning to be part of the pot brigade, he calls her Nancy. I get that he's being all teenage rebellion-y, but I am so in the habit of referring to my mother as some variant on "Mom" . . . I mean, I'm capable of introducing her to people by her actual first name, but.

Nancy tells Conrad that sometimes she wonders what it would be like if both her kids had died when Judah did. This seems perfectly legitimate to me -- but we already knew I'm a cold-hearted bitch.

When Celia told Dean she was making Agrestic drug-free, I worried he was gonna say something about Nancy (worried he assumed she already knew), and then when she said, "Better tell your dealer," the look of realization on his face . . . yeah, I'm not looking forward to this.
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