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[T:TSCC] 1.07 "The Demon Hand" [2008-02-25]

When the first shot in the Previouslies was Sarah doing pull-ups, I thought of Oyce and Mely.

Oh Cameron in motorcycle gear. Icons, please?

She shut down a power grid to get to the Evidence Storage? Wow. Subtlety is not exactly something they program into them, huh? (Which, hi, problematic -- as has been mentioned before; though at least Cameron doesn't actually stick out this time.)

Sarah: "And somewhere in the city, a naked cop bleeds."

Sarah! Fingerprints! And dude, you can steal a piece of evidence the system thinks doesn't exist, but a log tape? Okay, not that Ellison telling anyone that evaluation logs got stolen from his house is gonna lead to anyone searching for you any harder, but . . . it just feels problematic.

Ballet! I suppose I should have known it would just be a matter of time, since it is Summer Glau.

"The height is nice. Beautiful feet." Oh, Joss.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

Derek asking about the paramedic . . . we think Derek's gonna try to track him down and kill him? Ditto Agent Ellison. I understand Derek's lack of trust of anyone not-Connor, but I don't really wanna watch him going after Charley and/or Ellison.

I loved Cameron taking a bite of the pancakes after Derek's "I guess you're not eating, either," especially the look on her face directed at him afterward.

Derek: "You might have fooled them. But not me. I know you."
Cameron: "I know you, too."

Dancer instructor: "Who are you? You're just a girl."
Ah, Buffy.
Teen: How'd you do that?
Buffy: It's what I do.
Teen: But you're just a girl.
Buffy: That's what I keep saying.
-right before the opening credits of Episode 100, "The Gift"
I kinda suspected something was up with Dr. Silverman in his very first reaction to Agent Ellison, but then he invited him in and I thought maybe not. But then once they were inside his house I was like, no, he's protecting Sarah.

But he thought Ellison was a Terminator! *facepalms* Okay, the poisoned tea wasn't an entirely bad idea, since Terminators are part bio, but tying him up?! What Terminator couldn't bust those bonds in a second?

"false prophets" (Matthew 7:15)

"Come with me if you want to live."
Oh, that's why everyone was geekkgasming at the trailer. I felt like there was something I wasn't quite getting.

I like that everyone who was at the mental hospital that day are silent corroborators to the truth of Sarah's story.

"The hand of God." (I'm glad I didn't look up the episode title until after I'd seen the episode.)

Ellison: "She's dead."
Silverman: "So was Jesus once."

Interesting, Derek telling John how being stuck inside four walls can mess with your head. After last episode, I saw people suggesting that Derek literally didn't remember killing Andy, but I think that scene indicates clearly that he does remember -- and that he does feel not entirely comfortable with that fact, even as this episode elsewhere implies that he would be willing even eager to do it again, to eliminate anyone he perceives as a threat to the Connors.

John: "Some people never give up. Some people always fight."
Derek: "Fewer than you think."

Dmitri changed the endgame protocols. Which makes sense, except that since when is he a programmer? Though the Previouslies reminded us that Andy said Dmitri taught the Turk to play chess, so . . .

Silverman: "Oh my god. I'm sorry I ever doubted you."
Sarah: [punches him out] "Apology accepted."

I didn't want Ellison to die (btw, I get that it adds drama and allows the plot and all, but Silverman goes to drug him and Ellison jerks away and he doesn't try again? and then he gasolines around Ellison, guaranteeing it's gonna take him much longer to burn to death -- cruel much?)

I liked the rain -- 'cause it meant Ellison got saved, but it wasn't Sarah doing it. (Though the end sequence indicates that she did bring him out -- possibly just before he passed out from smoke inhalation -- which I can also live with.)

In the rain, the captioning has Silverman "laughing maniacally." (And okay, I get that Ellison's motivated to have him committed to keep his own ass safe, but Silverman's not an idiot . . . he knows his ravings are gonna get him locked up just like Sarah; why do it? I mean, clearly he was a little unstable already since he was all "honest mistake, carry on" after stabbing Ellison -- and still left him to burn to death -- but still.)

Sarah: "Did you kill them?"
Cameron: "No. It wasn't my mission."

Sarah to John: "I never wanted you to see that tape." [me: So why did you bring it home with you?] I was gonna destroy it." [me: Oh, okay.]

It feels so very true that Sarah would have yelled at John for how risky coming to save her was.
Sarah: "I might've oversold that a little."

Sarah to John: "I'll always find you."
Yes, this always makes me think of Willow to Tara in "The Gift": "I will always find you."
And okay it feels a little awkward for John to say, "I'll always find you," but I think his saying it back to her is kind of his way of saying he forgives her or whatever.

Love the recitation about the tree not bearing fruit being cast into the fire over the scene of Sarah vaporizing the T-888 hand, especially in the context of the possibility of cyborgs having/developing souls -- Cameron hasn't really formed any emotional attachments yet, but she's curious, does and learns more than just what is required for her mission ("She always did love to dance").
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