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Lent (17/40)

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ 11:42min
2mi @ 23:28min
2.52mi @ 30min


I was thinking today about how much I invest in doing my job (in thinking about other people with similar jobs who don't necessarily approach their jobs the same way I do) and how that's a little funny because I definitely don't primarily define myself by what my job is (I'm much more likely to focus on my extensive affiliation with churches, or with fandom, or my gutter-minded-ness, or . . .).  But I am very much a people-pleaser.


I have given up the delusion of doing the readings for my Western Thought class -- though I really should do the readings for next week 'cause it's selections from Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations.  Tonight was Burke and Paine.  We are not surprised that I have a lot of sympathy for Burke's argument that destroying existing flawed systems could just make things worse.  (The stuff about "not all the people who came before us are morons" reminded me of sk8eeyore on Eastern Orthodoxy, Church Fathers, the value of tradition, etc.)  The prof phrased Paine as saying: You can't know all the consequences of what you do, but you do know the ugliness of what you inherited.  The prof pointed to the difference in how much faith they had in human fallibility, which on reflection I think connects nicely to the contemporary conservative/liberal divide (though I agree with the prof that a lot of what is called conservativism today doesn't actually seem all that conservative) -- because I feel like it's not so much about big government vs. little government these days but rather about which things people think government should be involved in, and also which things we think we need to protect people from (including which areas in which we think we need to protect people from themselves).


mjules asked me if I'd heard of a movie a friend had just recommended to her:
Zerophilia is sweet teen sex romp done with a twist.

Luke has just had his just met the girl of his dreams. Which would be great if he didn't suffer from Zerophilia, a genetic condition that causes him to spontaneously switch sexes when he becomes arouse. A situation which is further complicated by his dream girls even dreamier brother, played by Blood Ties Kyle Schmid.
Never heard of it before, but totally sold now (even though that copy-writer clearly needs an editor).

"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

"Sin is necessary, but all will be well, and all will be well, and every kind of thing will be well."
-Julian of Norwich, Showings

Five good things about today:
1. I remain not-very-sick.
2. I got to spend some time in the sunny no-jacket outside sporadically during the day.  (Yes, I know it was highs in the 40s today.)
3. I has pretty clothes.  (Even if no one complimented me on them.)  The pants are still suboptimal, but better in a number of ways than the ones I'd been wearing -- and they have pockets; holding my cell phone and ID card in my hand/cleavage gets old.
4. Even with all the hiccups in various scheduling things today, nothing seemed to fall apart particularly.
5. The Grille was closed (no students) but the International Table (Indian) had food I was willing to eat, and I even had leftover samosas for dinner.

Three things I did well today:
1. I got up close to when my alarm went off.  And had breakfast.
2. I did last-minute rejiggering of [vistor's] schedule without freaking out.
3. I filed all the stuff I'd printed out on Friday and double-checked the electronic files to make sure I'd printed out everything.

Two things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
1. FUH says he's coming in tomorrow.
2. I don't have any post-work commitments.


Those of you who pray (or something similar)?  Prayers would be appreciated for my old church -- the United Church of Norwood.  (And if you want something specific to pray for . . . prayers that the people discern the will of God and move forward in a Christlike manner.)
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