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I’m back.

I had a nice break. It was busy. I did lots of reading, worked at my favorite job on Friday, had lots of “real food,” got sent back with lots of home-baked yummies, oh and i now own light blue curtains which smell gross and plasticky from their packaging but which thankfully are machine washable. I also watched some good TV (including the end of Ice Wars -- will i be killed if i admit that i think Kurt's final performance was better than Scott's?) and got more sleep than i could have imagined i needed.

I have 19 days (not counting today) in which to do insane amounts of work. Namely, 2 group presentations, four 5-page papers (one of which is a book report on a book i haven’t read yet), and 1 final exam. Plus staying on top of the remaining reading for all my classes, and i think we have one last Linguistics assignment.

One of the things i did while at home was to print out various James Marsters and Amber Benson calendars someone made, and once i got back i put up a number of them all over my room (and a couple on my door). Sophie saw the Amber Benson ones on my door and was a big fan.

Am skipping Willy Wonka and candy Tuesday night in favor of dinner and possible Buffy watching with my favorite jewish pagan. :)

And the Smith one-acts are next Wednesday and Thursday. (not this week, but next week) Must remember to attend.

Registration for J-term courses begins tomorrow. Assuming i get all the classes i want (which shouldn’t be a problem) i plan to come back the weekend of January 11/12. Am beginning to collect people who will be around the last week or two of J-term so we can hang out.

My brain is rebelling against planning out all my work for the next 3 weeks. Must block out work and breathers so i get everything done without dying.

I apologize in advance for the fact that for these next few weeks i will probably be sucked into the black hole that is the end of the semester. You are welcome to leave me messages, though.
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